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Get involved with local nonprofit agencies and help address the needs of the Tallahassee community

Are you passionate about a specific community need but don’t know which agencies in Tallahassee address that need? Do you want to know more about the needs of our local community and find a place where you can make a positive difference?
The Center for Leadership & Social Change has compiled lists of local nonprofit agencies that address specific needs or serve specific populations. Take a look at the links below to find the local nonprofit agencies that address the needs that you care most about.
If you find an agency that you are interested in getting involved with, please follow the link to the agency’s website to find the most current and accurate opportunities to be involved. Find out all you can about the agency before making contact.

If you would like further assistance or advice on which agencies would match your specific interests, submit a request for an advising session here.

Agency Issues

Animals.pdf 71.27 kB
Arts & Culture.pdf 104.95 kB
Environment.pdf 83.69 kB
Government.pdf 77.87 kB
HIV AIDS.pdf 66.22 kB
Homelessness.pdf 76.01 kB
Legal.pdf 70.95 kB
LGBT.pdf 58.36 kB
Literacy.pdf 68.36 kB
Poverty.pdf 71.46 kB


Ready to contact an agency?  Here are some helpful hints. (pdf 36.92 kB) 

Need more assistance? We can provide one-on-one help through our Advisement Services page.

Center for Leadership & Social Change