Dana Lev-Ran

Dana Lev-Ran is a fourth year student at Florida State who realized that she had the desire to serve after having found that she had a very strong inner desire to travel and experiences the ways in which the lives of the people around the world differ from her own. This love for travel manifested itself through many service trips including international service trips to places such as Ecuador and South Africa. Over time, Dana’s love for travel and exploration manifested itself through international outreach trips to places such as Ecuador and India.

During the Summer of 2013, Lev-Ran found herself volunteering as a Health Researcher in India. In this time period, she shadowed health organizations to analyze and take stock of the ways in which they are benefiting the community. This observation and recording was completed as a Directed Individual Study, and was very effective in spreading health information throughout the community where Dana was working. When asked what was the most significant of the things that she gained from her time in India, Lev-Rain said that she was giving the opportunity for “growth and self-reflection.” As a Pre-Medical student, Dana has always been interested in health education, but after having had this volunteering experience in India, she is now more mentally focused on achieving sustainability as well as empowerment when educating people about topics concerning health.