Geovanna Hernandez

Senior Geovanna Hernandez did not have a moment during which she realized that she was called to serve her community, but rather has been a woman of service all of her life. Geovanna describes serving the people around her as “something that came naturally” to her. Throughout her life, she has served in a plethora of ways ranging from math tutor to a Big Brothers/Big Sisters volunteer.

Geovanna was also awarded a Moellership, which she used to travel and serve in Naples, Italy during the summer of 2013. While in Italy, Geovanna spent 11 weeks working in a family home with people who were living with HIV/AIDS. Her role at the family home included any and all tasks that needed to be completed including sweeping, helping with doctor visits, running errands, and assisting in the caring for a sick resident. She worked tirelessly to make the lives of the residents and the jobs of the staff members as easy as possible.

The most significant of the lessons that she learned from this experience was that she was humbled by the people that she encountered and the level of strength that they maintained throughout their suffering. Geovanna’s service has affected her plans for the future significantly. She has been heavily affected by the fact that she can impact the lives of others with something as common as helping with math homework. Her life ambitions can be summed up in her following statement: to “See the world and help people.” She plans to begin this journey of travel and service by working with AmeriCorps’ City Year Program in Boston next year.

Written by Amber Johnson