Meet Joanna Douglas

Senior Joanna Douglas is a transfer student who was drawn to Florida State by the Global Peace Exchange (GPE) program. Since having started her career at FSU, she has been working consistently with GPE, but the project that she has felt most connected to since beginning her time at Florida State was that of the Global Peace Exchange: Nepal Project. This project, like all others that are conducted through GPE, was planned, funded, and carried out by students of FSU. Because Joanna and the other GPE participants were so heavily involved in the planning of this Nepal Project, there are many skill sets that she was able to develop as a part of this experience, including leaning the art of grant writing and trip planning, among many others.

During her time in Nepal, Douglas helped to plan a community development project. She first worked to analyze the needs of community and then found ways in which she could improve the issues that she found. Many of these issues had to do with public health concerns, so Joanna and her team constructed informational packets about public health issues and distributed them among the community in which they were working.

One of the things that Douglas values most about her service is being able to empower the people with whom she is serving. While in Nepal, she helped to empower the local youth by assisting them in their campaign to raise environmental awareness in their community. They did this by distributing recyclable bags and trash receptacles while encouraging the adults in their lives to be more conscious of the way in which they are using their resources. Aside from the work that she has done as a participant, Project Director, and Overall Co-Director the Global Peace Exchange, Douglas has also served as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, where she volunteered to speak against antiabortion bills in the Florida House and Senate.

Joanna’s service experience during her time as a student at Florida State has influenced her future plans in that she is now very interested in both the creation and the evaluation of public policy. After graduation, Joanna plans to attend graduate school where she will focus on Public Administration in hopes of one day working for the State Department.

Written by Amber Johnson