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The Center for Leadership & Social Change invites students to engage in dialogue with dynamic FSU faculty, staff, and community members. Topics for dialogue encompass identity, research, and current events. Each installment of the series runs from noon to 1:30 p.m. and provides lunch.

Upcoming commUNITY Dialogues


Global Environmental Threats and What Justice Demands
James "Jack" Justus, FSU Philosophy Department

Wednesday, Nov. 15
The most calamitous environmental problems are global. They threaten the well-being of every human on earth. Only coordinated efforts at the level of nations have any chance of solving these daunting problems. But such efforts will require painful sacrifices, and nations are far from equally responsible for generating the problems, and far from equally capable of contributing to their solution. In a series of papers culminating in the recent book Climate Justice, Oxford University professor Henry Shue has analyzed how considerations of injustice and inequality bear on global environmental problems, particularly climate change. This segment considers an influential early essay in this body of work, "Global Environment and International Inequality."



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