Multicultural Leadership Summit

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The Multicultural Leadership Summit, held on the Florida State University campus, focuses on building a foundation of knowledge that will enhance student success in leadership in the areas of multiculturalism and social justice.

The summit provides opportunities for participants to learn about their identities and how they impact the ways in which they choose to show up in the world each day. MLS educates participants to empower them to be agents of social change in an increasingly diverse and global community.

By attending the Multicultural Leadership Summit Students will:

  • Have a working personal definition of diversity, multiculturalism and social justice.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a healthy ethnic identity in effective leadership and service.
  • Discover ways to build meaningful coalitions with students, faculty and staff similar to and different from themselves in order to achieve mutual goals for social change.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of understanding the experiences of people from different multicultural backgrounds in effective leadership and service.


This year's Multicultural Leadership Summit will take place on Jan. 27- 28. Registration has reached maximum capacity and is currently closed. For those still interested in attending the summit, applications are currently being accepted for the waiting list.


Present at the summit

Are you interested in presenting at the 2017 Multicultural Leadership Summit? We are accepting program proposal submissions that relate to the conference theme (with focuses on allyship, advocacy and activism);  to broader topics about diversity, multiculturalism, social justice and various intersecting identities (such as race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, access, class and ability); and/or about leadership and service. All presentations are 60 minutes. Proposals will be accepted through Dec. 9.

Join the team

Applications are now open for student coordinators for the 2018 summit. Apply for one of four positions by April 19.


  • Assist MLS staff with registration
  • Assist MLS staff with presentation proposals and selection
  • Coordinate the check-in process for both days of the summit
  • Oversee administrative tasks, such as nametags and check-in lists
  • Assist MLS staff with the Co-Sponsorship Process
  • Assist MLS staff with organizing MLS Facilitator Training


  • Coordinate the small group room logistics (including room supplies, food, and other items that may be needed)
  • Assist the Graduate Assistant in coordinating the food logistics and calling organizations to donate goods or foods for the event
  • Deliver and pick up bulk food orders for MLS pre-conference and conference
  • Oversee other day of hospitality related tasks
  • Assist with volunteer management during the MLS weekend


  • Manage social media accounts
  • Assist with advertising for registration and proposal submissions
  • Coordinate flyer distribution among the FSU and Tallahassee Community
  • Collect materials from on- and off- campus offices to be placed in participant bags (i.e. flyers, engagement opportunities, pens, etc.)
  • Coordinate tabling at Market Wednesday and other events to advertise MLS
  • Assist center market staff to develop a PR and marketing campaign for social media
  • Organize photography and videography for the event


  • Recruit volunteers to assist with MLS Work Week and Weekend
  • Assist MLS staff in coordinating small groups facilitator and general volunteer trainings
  • Manage volunteer responsibilities, including the set-up, event management, and clean-up
  • Develop shift schedule for the MLS Work Week and MLS Conference weekend
  • Secure moderators for presentation sessions
  • Assist MLS Staff with collecting, organizing, and coding assessment data from the conference



For more information, please email or contact Program Coordinator Nancy Wong at