Join the Center for Leadership & Social Change on Oct. 11 for the second commUNITY Dialogue event of the semester, "A Blockage in the Pipeline: Indigenous Struggles against Carbon Colonialism." 

Join the Center for Leadership & Social Change on Sept. 22 for the first commUNITY Dialogue Series of the semester, "Patterns of Anti-LGTBQ Violence and the Need for Safe Space." 

Make a difference in the community by joining the center's Community Ambassador Program as the liaison to the Panhandle Area Education Consortium’s Migrant Education Program.

The center seeks a community engagement coordinator to join our team.   

Shaun King answers student questions following his keynote address at the Center for Leadership & Social Change's Multicultural Leaderhsip Summit on Jan 30, 2016.

Students left the Multicultural Leadership Summit on Saturday afternoon armed with new energy and ideas for social change.

About 200 people attended the two-day summit hosted by Florida State University’s Center for Leadership & Social Change. The goal of the annual event is to educate students about diversity and multiculturalism and empower them to be agents of social change in an increasingly diverse and global community.

This year’s summit, “Lives, Liberties, and the Politics of Happiness” focused on allyship, advocacy and activism and how they relate to particular social justice issues.

The Center for Leadership & Social Change is pleased to announce its nonprofit internship program.  This program invites FSU students to earn up to 12 academic elective credits serving a non-profit initiative in the Big Bend area.  This competitive program is designed for students from degree programs that do not presently offer an internship opportunity for academic credit.  If you are from such a program, and would like to gain valuable experience in a non-profit organization in areas such as child development, juvenile justice, environmental issues, adolescent care, public health, public education, elder care, domestic abuse, poverty, homelessness, or disaster service, you are welcome to apply.
Successful applicants will serve either full-time or half-time for the full semester.  We will offer a limited number of internships for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis until the internship slots are filled. Please see the Fall 2015 applications for more details.

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