Presentations, Trainings, and Workshops

The Center for Leadership & Social Change is excited to share our resources and knowledge with the FSU faculty, staff, students and the surrounding Tallahassee community. We have a variety of ways to share our information as well as specific content areas. Please read our descriptions below to help guide your request.

If you are interested in requesting a training, workshop or presentation with us, please fill out the following form AT LEAST THREE (3) WEEKS PRIOR to the date of your request for the best response. We may be unable to fulfill requests sent without advanced notice. If you have questions, please email

Interested in one requesting a presentation, training or workshop? Please fill out our Request Form.

How We Share: Type of Requests


This type of request is for a general overview of our department or one of our content areas within the department (see below for content areas). Time for a presentation can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and can include a brief activity to connect content in an interactive way.

*Tabling for an organizational or departmental event is also included in 'presentations' and times may vary according to the type of request.


Many groups require training to fulfill requirements or enhance awareness, knowledge and skills specifically for performance in a position or role. Workshops are designed to provide groups with content area knowledge while incorporating more instances of discussion. These types of requests can be customized to fit your group.

What We Share: Content Areas

Center for Leadership & Social Change

General Content: Learn about the Center for Leadership & Social Change - our programs, services and people! We look forward to working with you and/or your organization in the lifelong learning process of developing identity, leadership and connection to community!

Community Engagement

Service Learning Introduction: This presentation is designed for classes that integrate community service and experiential learning into the academic curriculum. Instructors may request a presentation using the presentation request link.

Service Learning Workshop: Faculty and staff of the Center will engage participants in a conversation focused on the tenants and outcomes of the service learning pedagogy. Workshop may be tailored to focus specifically on creating experiential learning opportunities in the community to the extensive research and demonstrated outcomes of service learning.

Reflection: Center staff welcomes you into a dialogue focused on the premise that learning is internalized through the process of making meaning of an experience. Reflection is the intentional process of this meaning making.

This workshop has two (2) options:

1) education about and training on reflection; or

2) facilitating a reflection experience for your group. You can also learn more about reflection with the Center for Leadership & Social Change's Reflection Handbook.

ServScript: Making a difference in your community? Be sure it is documented on your official Florida State transcript! This session will provide instruction, explanation and demonstration of the ServScript Program.

Identity Exploration

History of Diversity at FSU: Throughout the years, FSU has continued to make strides in promoting diversity. During this presentation, learn fun and little known facts about how our university students, faculty and staff!

Identity Development: Identity is the starting place for personal development. Through a variety of activities, you can explore and define your identity and converse about what makes us different and how we are similar.

Consciousness of Self: In this workshop, learn about aspects of social justice, such as power and privilege. An interactive and reflective activity is included to help us define our areas of privilege as well as identify ways we can take pride in our identities while being consistent with our knowledge of societal issues.

Intergroup Dialogue: Ever wondered how to effectively communicate with someone who may be of a different race, religion or gender or other social group identity as yourself? The practice of dialogue across difference enhances both personal identity and leadership development. Engaging in a dialogue experience will help give you the tools to understand the differences between dialogue, debate and discussion and connect with new people! This presentation can also be requested as a workshop or one-time dialogue experience. We also can train you to facilitate dialogues too! Visit our website for Intergroup Dialogue.

An interactive workshop designed to develop the leadership knowledge, values, and skills of participants. Program content is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and the dynamic relationship of individuals, groups, and community contexts of leadership.

StrengthsQuest: This workshop encourages awareness of personal strengths potential and helps participants approach all aspects of their achievement from a strengths-based perspective. Grounded in Positive Psychology, the strength-based perspective gives you the opportunity to develop strengths by building on your greatest talents - the way in which you most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals. Through this approach, participants are empowered to create actionable, strategic plans, which use their greatest talents to build strengths.

This workshop will be most effective if you have completed the StrengthsQuest Assessment prior to the workshop and know your top 5 themes. However, completing the StrengthsQuest Assessment isn't required for participation. To obtain the StrengthsQuest Assessment, click here.

Leadership Learning (LEAD) Plans: This exciting developmental workshop provides participants an opportunity to complete an individualized leadership learning plan based on their unique strengths and learning objectives.

Specific Knowledge/Skills/Values of Leadership: Leadership includes practices that involve specific knowledge, skills, and values. The Center teaches knowledge, skills, and values in the areas of the Individual, In Partnerships, In Groups, and In Community. Contact us if you would like us to do a workshop on a specific knowledge, skill or value.

Interested in one of the above content areas? Please fill out our Request Form.