2016-2017 Community Ambassadors

Fahad Hasan.jpg

Name: Fahad Hasan

Agency: iGrow

Email: sfh10@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Undergraduate in Biological Sciences and Psychology Masters in Public Health

Year: Graduate

Dream job: Ideally I would like to work in the epidemiology field for the CDC. 

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing sports, in particular basketball and soccer. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music in my free time and doing anything outdoors.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? During my undergraduate years I was very active in multiple organizations and spent many hours volunteering but when I started graduate school I was more focused on school and did not spend as much time volunteering as I would've liked. Now that I have a better grasp on school I applied to become an ambassador because I want to continue serving the community and being an ambassador allows me to get back into volunteering as well allowing me to act as a liaison between a non-profit and FSU. As an ambassador I want to try and connect more organizations to the iGrow Garden to allow a more constant flow of volunteers as well as try to expand and help the program grow as a whole during my time there. As a graduate student studying public health I have studied food deserts which is an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food and that's exactly the problem that the iGrow Garden is trying to tackle. So with my current interests and knowledge I believe that being an ambassador with the iGrow Garden aligns perfectly because I know and understand the goals of the agency and will do my best to help this agency thrive and address this food disparity that many communities face.


JoAnna Clayton.jpgName: Jo'Anna Clayton

Agency: Boys and Girls Club

Email: jnc14d@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Major: Social Work with minor in education

Year: Junior

Dream job: I would love to be an attorney and eventually a judge for the neglected, abused, and foster children- eventually working with divorces and family and child court.

Hobbies: I love to read, write, Netflix and sleep

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I chose to become an ambassador, because I saw and I wanted to be apart of the need and change within the communities in the Tallahassee community. As an ambassador, you are there to help and be that helping hand. As an ambassador, I look forward to bringing great things to the Boys and Girls Club, creating an lasting program that will continue long after I am gone, and getting all Registered Student Organizations out there to participate with us at the Boys and Girls Club!!  My passions are working with students who may not have everything and all of the available resources that are available to them, since Nims Middle School is apart of the Title 1 program, the students there are faced with a lot of disadvantages. These are the students that are overlooked, and that at at risk for a lot more, and I would like to change that.


Maicie Ramirez.jpgName: Maicie Ramirez

Agency: Capital City Youth Services

Email: mer15b@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Major: Social Work

Year: Sophomore

Dream job: My dream job is to work on the executive board of an organization like City Year or Teach for America to create education equality in low-income areas.

Hobbies: I enjoy writing, cooking, farm animals, and flowers.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an ambassador to create more resources for the dependents of CCYS and begin to understand the field of social services. Many students at FSU want to help these age groups, but are unaware of the opportunities. As an ambassador, I look forward to creating a path for them to CCYS to increase allies for our mission. I'm passionate about education equality because it gives kids a fighting chance regardless of circumstances. Organizations like CCYS also give kids a fighting chance and my interest in at-risk youth populations motivates me to serve the youth of CCYS's many programs.


Emily Neuwirth.jpgName: Emily Neuwirth

Agency: 4H

Email: en13@my.fsu.com

Hometown: Miami Beach

Major: Dietetics with a minor in Family and Child Sciences

Year: Senior

Dream job: My dream job would be to create a restaurant that uses all locally grown food, with great healthy options that contains the calories of each meal. If that doesn't workout maybe something that involves working with huge food service companies.

Hobbies: My hobbies include rollerblading, kayaking, traveling, being outdoors,and going on new adventures. I love traveling to new countries and learning about their culture.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an ambassador because I wanted to get my peers involved in community service. I have been involved in community service ever since I was a little girl and it really is a great experience.  I look forward to helping 4H grow as an organization and getting more people aware of all it has to offer. My passion for nutrition and wellness will be used to help others in the community learn about to become healthier and help prevent the obesity rate from increasing.


Raymond Walsh.jpgName: Ray Walsh

Agency: Capital City Youth Services

Email: rmw15d@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Major: Social Work and International Affairs with a minor in Urban and Regional Planning

Year: Sophomore

Dream job: My dream job would be working with underprivileged youth in Africa or Europe. I would like to specialize in education access for kids who have extenuating circumstances preventing them from attending school. Education is one of the most valuable things that an individual can earn, and is the key to improving quality of life. If I am not able to work abroad I would like to work with low-income students across the United States working on drop-out prevention and increasing college accessibility for teenagers who would not be able attend a higher learning institution without help.

Hobbies: I am an avid hiker, and devoted Chicago Cubs fan. I enjoy running and biking when I have the time, as well as live music and taking advantage of everything Tallahassee has to offer. I am heavily involved on campus with SGA, The Big Event, The Student Foundation, and my fraternity Beta Theta Pi.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? As a social work major and someone who is passionate about having a positive impact on the Tallahassee community, I knew that being an ambassador was the the perfect way to get my foot in the door with a local non-profit. I'm aware that not only will the ambassador experience give me an opportunity to make that impact, but would also be the perfect chance to really delve into what field of social work I wanted to get into. Raised in Daytona Beach I witnessed firsthand a lot of struggle, especially with children, and knew that I wanted to get into social work. Being placed at CCYS was really a perfect combination for this. At CCYS one of my first priorities is to help educate fellow students about the problems that some children have, especially in Tallahassee, and what they can do to help. Many students are not aware of high level of homeless children across America, and bringing this awareness to FSU can help eliminate the problem.


Laura Parra.jpgName: Laura Parra

Agency: Leon County Humane Society

Email: Ldp14@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Major: Economics with a minor in finance

Year: Senior

Dream job: My dream job would be to run a day care for rescue dogs and play, train, pet them all day.

Hobbies: I love going on walks, discovering new parks, being organized (seriously, organizing my planner is my go-to Sunday afternoon hobby) and eating tacos and donuts! But not together, necessarily.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I really love volunteering but I felt that being an ambassador would allow me to better an organization on an operational level. I hope to work with university resources and develop a social enterprise business plan. I've recently discovered the possibilities in social entrepreneurship and how making a sustainable change within a community is possible through commercial approaches and I believe that for an organization to make that sustainable change they require funding and creativity which is totally possible through entrepreneurship! I'm very excited to see where this career takes me and how I can help the Leon County Humane Society, an organization very dear to my heart, along the way.


David Butter.jpgName: David Butter

Agency: Second Harvest Food Bank

Email: db13h@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Miami

Major: Sociology and Political Science with certifcate in Leadership Studies

Year: Senior

Dream job: My dream job is to earn a Juris Doctor degree with concentration in Human Rights Law, and then pursue a career in representing Title VII discrimination victims. Specifically, I would love to work with the Miami-Dade Office of Human Rights and Fair Employment to ensure fair employment opportunity for all citizens.

Hobbies: This summer I spent a lot of time reading books by the pool. I enjoy running and the Florida State Seminoles.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? The ambassador program provided me with the platform to educate students on food insecurity. Through the program I have been able to talk with a vast number of students, service-learning courses, and organizations on campus about the fight against hunger. This year I am looking forward to setting up a Lott's Community Garden outreach trip.


Karla Vazquez.jpgName: Karla Vazquez

Agency: Grace Mission

Email: kjv15b@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Sanford, FL

Major: Major: Information Technology

Year: Sophomore

Dream job: My dream job is to become a developer or a graphic designer.

Hobbies: My hobbies include photography and creating Geofilters for Snapchat! I also enjoy being a part of the CARE program and attending concerts to discover new music. My favorite show is Rick and Morty.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? The reason I chose to become an ambassador was to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Growing up, I had the help of my community by my side-without them I would not be the person I am today. I want to be able to give the kids at Grace Mission a place that feels like home away from home. I, too, was in an after school program, and I strive to make Grace Mission the place where kids cannot wait to go.


Carol Bello.jpgName: Carol Bello

Agency: Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend

Email: cb13e@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Sarasota

Major: Political Science and Sociology

Year: Senior

Dream job: After completing law school, I hope to work for the United Nations as a Human Rights Officer and help achieve justice for all the protected classes.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, spending time with my family and friends, Netflix binging my favorite shows, volunteering with children and playing the ukulele!

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? As a student at FSU, I wanted to find a way to leave my mark within the community while simultaneously learning as much as I could. The Ambassador Program gave me the perfect opportunity to explore new interests and learn more about myself while helping others thrive. As an Ambassador, I hope to encourage students to volunteer and make an effort to learn more about their community. I wish to help students find their hidden love and passion for volunteering and making a change within their community and themselves. As a person who loves to work and help my community thrive, Kids Incorporated is the perfect agency for me. With my agency, I am able to focus on grant writing, public speaking, interacting with children, and learning how to properly run a successful non profit. Kids Incorporated allows me to expand my abilities and challenge myself on a daily basis.


Danielle Hunte.jpgName: Danielle Hunte

Agency: Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend

Email: dah14j@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

Year: Sophomore

Dream job: My dream job has always been to work in the medical field where I could put all of my passions to use.  I would love to be a Pediatrician and be actively involved in a child's life, however I know that there is an abundant amount of career titles I could pursue in the medical field that would fulfill my passion to help the community and expand my own knowledge through research.  Another part of my dream has been to open my own practice or even a free clinic to provide healthcare  services to those in need.

Hobbies: I love sports, especially football season because of the atmosphere that comes along and encompasses and unites groups together.  I am also dedicated to community service because nothing feels better than providing any amount of opportunity or help for someone who is in need.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an ambassador because I wanted to gain a new perspective on community service and find the most effective method to help the community surrounding Florida State University.  As anambassador, I would hope that by the end of this experience I would have developed a lasting bond between the University and my agency so that those who benefit from my agency are exposed to resources they may not have known about that could truly impact their lives.  I was extremely blessed with opportunities to help me on my journey to reach my goals and I can not think to imagine how much I could change the outlook on life of the kids who use the Boys and Girls club to help break stereotypes and produce success.  My passion is to expand my knowledge to help best serve the community around me.  The agency would provide me the experience of interacting and communicating with children, which would provide me with essential skills needed to help my future patients. It would also provide me critical skills to develop my own community service based initiatives.


David Carre.jpgName: David Carre

Agency: Damayan Garden Project

Email: dac15d@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Miramar, FL

Major: International Affairs and Economics with a minor in Religion.

Year: Sophomore

Dream job: I have a strong affinity for the social sciences and have always been passionate about sustainability and social justice. I can see myself working in a number of areas to ensure equality, communal stability, and environmental welfare, but I can most easily imagine myself operating as a Foreign Service Officer. One day, through the medium of diplomacy, public policy, and other more direct engagement, I hope to improve the outlook of marginalized groups, displaced individuals, international security, and the environment. I stand firm in my belief that peace is readily achievable through the proper channels of communication and education.

Hobbies: When I have down time, I love to ride my bike, read, and go hiking. On my days off, I usually take some time to recuperate through yoga and meditation. I spend a great deal of time watching arthouse films and television dramas, exploring the interior design world, scrolling through architecture sites, and catching up on the latest news in the urban planning field. My sport of choice is tennis, but I also love pretending that I am a great runner and going out for a good promenade.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I heard about the Community Ambassador Program at a time, early in my college career, in which I was feeling a bit lost. I was going to school and getting a degree, but I was not putting my new knowledge to good use or achieving the dreams that I had constantly proclaimed meant the world to me. The Community Ambassador Program was the first opportunity, since coming to college, that I had to truly align my interests with legitimate action. Going forward, as an ambassador for the Damayan Garden Project, I hope to build on the momentum that the program has given me in fostering genuine change in communities where it is needed desperately, but have circumstantially been denied the chance. Caring deeply about the issues of food security, sustainable development, food gentrification, and biodiversity, I feel right at home being brought on board with the agency. I am for all of the learning and growth that awaits me in my future with Damayan, but even more so by the prospects of furthering their mission in the community at large.


La'Vontae Johnson.jpgName: La' Vontae D. Johnson

Agency: Boys Town of North Florida

Email: ldj16@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Major: Human Resource Management with a psychology minor

Year: Junior

Dream job: My dream job is working as an employee engagement consultant.

Hobbies: Reading articles on LinkedIn, listening to music, sleeping and businesses social responsibility

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I decided to become a Community Ambassador because I am always looking for opportunities to develop leadership skills, and serve the community to apply classroom knowledge to real world situations, and the  for students to perfect leadership skills while serving. My ambassadorship is with Boys Town of North Florida. This agency is the perfect agency for me because I am all about connecting and supporting others so that they can succeed. The mission of Boys Town is to give at-risk children and families the love, support and education they need to succeed. So I am looking forward to connecting the resources here at Florida State to Boys Town of North Florida so that they can continue to work towards their mission to give love, support, and education to at-risk children and families.


Amber Sagastume.jpgName: Amber Sagastume

Agency: Kearney Center

Email: Aks14g@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Hialeah Gardens, FL

Major: Criminology and Psychology

Year: Junior

Dream job: I aim to be a criminologist, and/or work in the criminal psychology field.

Hobbies: I love to read, try new food, go on spontaneous adventures and try new things.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an Ambassador to truly make an impact on the community and be a stepping stone at the very least to connecting my partner agency with resources on campus as well as around Tallahassee. I have always had a passion for helping other, succeeding, and helping others succeed. So my goal is to make a positive influence with the agency, and the Community ambassadors Program in general. I hope to bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and help improve on the recruitment for volunteers and resources necessary.


Jaime Clark.jpgName: Jaime Clark

Agency: Kearney Center

Email: jnc14b@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Major: International Affairs with a concentration in Political Science and a minor in Religion

Year: Junior

Dream job: I would love to work for a nonprofit that focuses on helping people, specifically children and families, out of poverty.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with people I love, meeting new people, reading, journaling, and drinking lots of coffee.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? The Community Ambassador Program originally caught my eye because it had to do with nonprofits.  I am always eager to work alongside organizations that work towards bettering individuals and communities.  As I further discovered what the Program entailed, I realized just how impactful an Ambassador can be in the city of Tallahassee.  I am looking forward to working directly with the Kearney Center and examining the immediate and long-term needs of the institution while working towards finding the resources to meet those needs.  The Kearney Center is a great fit for me because I am passionate about the homeless community of Tallahassee and I recognize the importance of immediate and personal assistance within the community.  I am excited and honored to represent the Florida State University and the Kearney Center through this position.


Diana Haber.jpgName: Diana Haber

Agency: Damayan Garden Project

Email: dnh13b@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Major: International Affairs with Law and Philosophy minors and a certificate in Leadership Studies

Year: Senior

Dream job: My dream job is to be an ambassador for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, yoga, photography, and meditation. I am passionate about the environment and sustainability. I practice a plant-based (vegan) lifestyle. I love politics, community service, and puppies!

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an ambassador in order to be in service to our FSU community and the greater Tallahassee community in which we reside in, and to support building a bridge between our two communities. I had interned at the Florida Senate and now wanted the experience in working with the non-profit organizations in which the government supports to fund and learn how I can best serve their dedicated cause. I am looking forward to promoting greater awareness of the Damayan Garden Project on our campus and supporting my agency in receiving more funding in order to expand our efforts. I am overjoyed to be helping children and adults learn how to grow their own food, connect with our physical world, and create a sustainable lifestyle. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given and the best way for me to express my gratitude is to be in service to others. The Community Ambassador Program is an extraordinary opportunity to be involved and I am able to connect with other ambassadors outside my agency and learn how I can support their agency, as well as make an important difference in our community and our planet through the efforts of the Damayan Garden Project.


Breanna Scott.jpgName: Breanna Scott

Agency: Second Harvest of the Big Bend

Email: brs13d@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Naples, FL

Major: Dietetics and Exercise Science

Year: Senior

Dream job: My dream job would be to open a health and wellness center that caters to children and their families. I would like to offer nutrition consultations, family fitness programs, and a fun environment for children and their families to learn about healthy habits.

Hobbies:  My hobbies and interests include hiking, going to the beach, reading, and photography.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program?I wanted to become a community ambassador to be able to make a difference and give back to to the people of Tallahassee. Through this program, I look forward to gaining valuable experience in working with nonprofit organizations and fundraising. I also look forward to seeing the difference my actions can make in my community. Working with Second Harvest, allows me to combine both my passions of helping others that are less fortunate, as well as my interest in food and community nutrition. 


Alexander Bell.jpgName: Alexander Bell

Agency: Grace Mission

Email: atb14e@my.fsu.edu

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Major: Biological Sciences with a minor in chemistry

Year: Junior

Dream job: I want to work as a craniofacial surgeon. I'd like to treat patients, conduct research, and teach students as an attending physician at a university teaching hospital.

Hobbies: I like playing the guitar, singing, traveling, reading, and watching documentaries made by VICE.

Why did you want to become involved with the ambassador program? I wanted to become an ambassador so that I could dive deep into a specific social issue and learn from the people who have dedicated their lives to tackling these problems. As an ambassador I get to spend a lot of time around people who inspire me, and get to use my own talents and resources to help them. I look forward to continue to try to build connections between Grace Mission and Florida State University that last long after I have graduated. The ambassador program has been wonderful for me, as a large part of the job is to help others get as excited about serving our community as I am! I think that Grace Mission is a great place for anyone who is looking to make tangible differences in the lives of others in a way that is fun, pragmatic, and personally meaningful.