commUNITY Dialogue: "Questioning Patriotism"

Join the Center for Leadership & Social Change on Oct. 28 for a commUNITY Dialogue that will examine what it means to be patriotic in the United States.

The third dialogue of the semester will tackle the question of what is American patriotism through an activism lens. It will explore the limits of freedom as citizens of the United States of America and those fighting for our freedom abroad.

So is it unpatriotic to engage in a peaceful protest if it brings awareness to social injustices taking place in our country? People across the country in various spaces -- from middle school to college to professional athletic fields -- are engaging in different forms of activism to reject the idea of America being the land of freedom for all.

Through the commUNITY Dialogue Series, the center invites students to engage in dialogue with dynamic FSU faculty, staff, and community members. Topics for dialogue encompass identity, research, and current events. Each installment of the series runs from noon to 1:30 p.m. in DSC 2201/2202 and provides lunch.

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