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In these times of isolation and disruption of everyday life, we know that it is more important than ever to find ways to connect with one another. The Center for Leadership & Social Change is working hard to create ways to bring folks together in a virtual space. This will be your source for content and programming from our staff members, who are dedicated to keeping our center and campus community vibrant. We encourage you to connect with us on social media, where we will be sharing content and announcing virtual programs. Be safe, and be well.


Serve during social distancing


Are you looking for new ways to continue to meet the needs of the community while maintaining social distance? Visit our new Virtual Service page, where we continue to compile information on ways you can help during this unprecedented time. Know of new needs to be met? Submit them here so we can share.

From our staff


Yes, many things have changed, yet music remains something that connects us across difference. We hope that sharing some of the songs getting us through social distancing will make your day a bit better.


The past two weeks have forced me to rethink what it means to be engaged with the local community and what it could look like to provide support that is not solely based on physical presence...In a time when physical interaction threatens the health of our neighbors, we ask, “How can we provide the best support to the community?”


But when we are in times of collective stress and danger, we must find ways to yield our preferences to the community. We must take it upon ourselves to make sacrifices now to ensure our community will survive and once again thrive.

From our students

Graduation during coronavirus: Handling uncertainty and loss

For a lot of graduating seniors, the virus has completely changed how we will spend our last month of college. Many of us are struggling with uncertainty and a sense of loss. But even though we will not get to have a lot of traditional celebrations, there are still ways for us to stay connected and celebrate our achievements as we end our time at Florida State.

Growing global connection

Early Monday afternoon, PeaceJam FSU leaders joined a Global Youth Zoom that brought PeaceJam Foundation executives together with youth ambassadors from affiliates around the world to reflect, connect and make a plan for moving forward in this isolating time.  

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