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Center for Global and Multicultural Engagement

110 S. Woodward Ave.

Tallahassee, FL 32306.



The Global and Multicultural Building is down the street from the FSU Police Station on the corner of Woodward Ave and Learning Way. To get here you must use Woodward Avenue from the Gaines Street side of campus. If you try to come down Woodward from the Tennessee Street side the road will close before you can get to our building. Proceed on Woodward toward the center of the campus. After crossing Jefferson Street, you will pass the Police Station on your right. At the next stop sign, turn right into the parking lot. This is a gated lot and there will be an attendant to let you in. Students will be available to direct you to the Center for Global and Multicultural Engagement. If you get turned around or confused in any way, please call the Center at (850)-644-3342

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