Social Change Peer Educators

The Social Change Peer Educator Team engages undergraduate students as peer educators on the outcomes of diversity, inclusion, identity, and leadership. Peer educators are trained to facilitate a variety of workshops for campus partners and student organizations on behalf of the Center for Leadership & Social Change.

As Social Change Peer Educators, students:

  • Commit to understanding the multiple layers of our identity and the identities of others
  • Create a campus environment that encourages awareness of social issues
  • Identify and facilitate leadership learning as a process
  • Employ dialogue skills about and across difference

Request a workshop, training or presentation

The Social Change Peer Educator Team offers Level 1, Level 2, and Special Topic workshops. For full impact, we recommend allotting 60 minutes for the requested session. Following the approval of the workshop, requester should have at least five confirmed participants at least a week prior to the scheduled date.

We encourage requests to be submitted at least three weeks in advance, as we may be unable to fulfill requests sent without sufficient notice.


Current offerings

Identity 101 – Identity is the starting place for personal development. Participants will explore the complex layers of personal and social identities. Participants will also define their own identities and dialogue about their similarities and differences in order to be better prepared to approach the leadership process.

Leadership 101 – “Am I a leader?” Traditional perceptions of leadership will be challenged to make way for a more accessible approach to leadership efficacy, one that participants can apply to both their future leadership experiences and their daily lives.

Becoming a Change Agent – “What can I do to make a difference in my community?” Participants will walk through the process of narrowing their passions, identifying a tangible change goal, and recognizing the value of relationships in creating change in their community.

Become a Social Change Peer Educator

The Social Change Peer Educator Team is a Federal Work Study opportunity available to undergraduate students interested in working as a student assistant for the Center for Leadership & Social Change. Students should be familiar with on-going social issues and social justice trends in the world and have an interest in facilitation, leadership learning, identity exploration, diversity, and inclusion. Student volunteers can also participate in the program. Please contact Shane Whittington at or 850-645-6856 if interested in a Federal Work Study position with the team.