Social Change Symposium

Program Overview

Over the course of three weekends (January 22/23, 29/30, and February 5/6), students from FSU and a number of regional visiting campuses will be invited to virtually attend workshops and small group sessions on topics such as: Anti-racism; Interfaith inclusion; Anti-sexism; Transgender inclusion; Anti-heterosexism; Anti-classism; Anti-ableism; and Anti-xenophobia.

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Friday programming will take place from 6pm-8:15pm. Saturday programming will take place from 9am-1pm. More information regarding expectations for participant attendance and a more detailed breakdown of the schedule is available on the Participant’s page.

The Social Change Symposium hopes that student participants leave the event with the ability to:

  1. community with each other, while learning about the importance of building community in multiple contexts (peer groups, cultural groups, campus, community, etc.).
  2. the importance of self-awareness in relation to community-awareness with regard to supporting and creating positive sustainable change.
  3. ...reframe and renew their definitions of service, leadership, and social justice.
  4. …more deeply understanding the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, including both experiences of cultural joy and intercultural injustice.

The Symposium will achieve this by bringing together faculty, staff, community, and student presenters.

The Symposium is free and is available to all currently enrolled FSU students and students from invited regional college and university partners. More information regarding participation and registration can be found on the Participants’ page.


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