Hurricane Michael Recovery and Response

As each of us within the FSU community heal and recover from the emotional and physical damage of Hurricane Michael, we may start to ask, "How can I help?" 

We are deeply committed to helping in the wake of this devastating storm while ensuring we do so in a way that is responsible, safe, and sustainable for our internal FSU community members and the broader affected areas.

What we know:

  • Volunteers are crucial in providing relief, supporting communities, and helping to meet immediate needs.
  • Volunteers will continue to be vital to recovery in the coming weeks, months and years.
  • Unprepared volunteers and mismatched donations can sometimes cause unintended harm. Such efforts may instead further burden communities and overwhelm infrastructure such as roads and medical resources.
  • Agencies who specialize in disaster recovery efforts 365 days a year are best equipped to organize and deploy volunteers and resources to areas in need.
  • The most effective way to help in the short-term is through monetary donations so that disaster recovery organizations such as the American Red Cross can best connect resources with community needs.
  • For long-term recovery, volunteers will be needed to mobilize in coordinated, safe, and sustained efforts to continue the rebuilding of devastated communities.


Receive Assistance

Does your community or organization need assistance in the recovery process? Fill out our survey so we can attempt to best match our campus volunteers with recovery needs. This can include anything from general assistance such as debris pickup or supply distribution to more specialized response available from our diverse university community.



Provide Assistance

The Center for Leadership & Social Change has compiled a database of key organizations and opportunities to help you find ways you can best provide the assistance where and how it is most needed.



Do you have additional recovery-related opportunities to share? Let us know at


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