Jackie Bucheck

Jackie Bucheck



Jackie Bucheck


Major: Urban and Regional Planning

Year in school: Second year graduate student

Moellership agency: World Wildlife Fund Cambodia

Career goal(s)/post-graduation plans: I hope to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a visual communication and analysis tool to promote global environmental conservation and social/economic equity.

Why did you apply for the Moellership Program?

I applied for the Moellership program in order to fund a service experience that is directly related to my career goals. I will be using GIS and InVEST software as part of an ongoing effort to protect the environmental and social aspects of the Eastern Plains Landscape in Cambodia.

What are you most excited about this summer?

Maybe this is too general, but I am most excited about the actual "work" aspect of my trip. I am excited to use knowledge gained from graduate school at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and to gain more experience & skills while completing my work with WWF.

What are you most nervous about this summer?

I am most nervous about getting sick from food AND about being super hot because, after all, it is Cambodia in the summer.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment is yet to come, I am sure! However, I am very proud of the experiences I have had at FSU and the amazing friendships and professional relationships I have been able to form as a graduate student here.

What words would go under your personal crest?

So much to do, so little time!

For what would you like to be known?

My work ethnic. I am always trying to improve my work ethic and it is something that I very much respect in others.

What is your favorite place in the world?
¡Una lavaderia en Antigua, Guatemala!

What is the soundtrack to your life?


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