Required Courses

Certificate in Leadership Studies Courses

LDR 2101 - Leadership Theory and Practice1 (3)
Leadership Theory and Practice is designed to introduce students to leadership theory and help them come to understand their unique role in leadership on campus, in their academic discipline, and within our larger society. This course is offered online.

LDR 2162 - Leadership in Groups and Communities1 (3)
Leadership in Groups and Communities is designed to inspire, teach and engage students in the process of leadership through service-learning. The course will be highly interactive with student participation and outside class involvement as critical components of the learning process. This course is offered in person twice a week for 75 minutes.

LDR 3215 - Leadership and Change1 (3)
Leadership and Change is an advanced undergraduate leadership course that examines the change process and prepares leaders who are effective in working with individuals, groups and
organizations in leading and managing change. The course is designed to be an interactive theory-to-practice course focused on leadership as a change process. This course is offered in person twice a week for 75 minutes.

LDR 3263 - Leadership Experience*2 (3)
This experiential course offers participants an opportunity to put into practice the
knowledge, theory and skills they have learned in previous courses in the Certificate program. Students will create and participate in an experience which will be coupled with reflection throughout the course. This course is offered online.

LDR 4105 - Leadership and Complexity*1 (3)
This final course in the Certificate program builds upon the leadership literature, theory and experience created in the previous Certificate courses. Systematic reflection on applied
leadership issues and strategies is an important component of this course. This course is offered in person once a week for 150 minutes.

Supporting Course
Students in the certificate also must complete a 3-credit supporting course, which is intended to enhance leadership learning within their academic field of study. Students must send a copy of the syllabus to the certificate coordinator before the hours can be counted toward the certificate. To see a list of previously approved courses please click here.

*These courses are only available for students who are completing the certificate.

1. Scholarship in Practice

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Scholarship in Practice requirements and is designed to help you become a critical thinker, a creative user of knowledge for professional practice, and an independent learner.

2. Formative Experience

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Formative Experiences requirements and is designed to help you use and develop knowledge by engaging in a hands-on experience outside of the classroom. One of the two required Scholarship in Practice courses can be fulfilled with a Formative Experience.

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