Leadership Studies Supporting Courses

LDR 2116 – Leading in the Digital Age
Leading in the Digital Age is an interactive, dynamic online course focused on addressing leadership in the 21st century in the face of emerging technology, social media communication platforms and global change. This course introduces leadership online through the lens of positive social change. Using the social change model participants will be challenged to take their activity to better their local and global communities.

LDR 2231 – Global Leadership
This course will help students develop the skills necessary to interact globally whether at home or abroad. The knowledge gained about global leadership will allow students to recognize and respect cultural differences and be able to maneuver situations more accurately as well as gain insight and understanding of recent world leaders.

LDR 2160 – Peer Leadership1
The purpose of this course is to introduce the study of peer education, mentoring, and leadership using text and outside readings, activities, and a variety of other assignments. It will give students a deeper understanding of themselves and appreciation for the diversity of others.

LDR 2163 – Emerging Leaders
This supporting course focuses on making a lasting impact in a community you care about. Specifically, this course focuses on collaboration, values, and community service and targets first year students interested in becoming more involved in the Greek community.  

LDR 2210 – Leadership through Intergroup Dialogue
In this course, students will learn how to respectfully engage in dialogue with others who are different from them, allowing an opportunity to talk frankly about identity (sexuality, gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, ability, and more).  This course is designed to incorporate critical readings, dialogic skills, deep questioning and reflection and activities that will teach students how to apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives and the process of leadership.

LDR 2213 – Leadership in Social Justice1 , 2
This supporting course examines social justice in the context of leadership and how students can understand their unique role in creating social change on campus, in their academic discipline, and within our larger society.

LDR 2290 – Leadership and Sustainability in Action1
This supporting course focuses on the process of leadership and creating positive change in the areas of sustainability, including, but not limited to economic, environmental, and sociopolitical sustainability.

LDR 2241 – Black Male Leadership3
This course introduces the study of leadership and leadership efficacy as it relates to Black males, using text and outside readings, activities, and a variety of assignments. Students in this course are introduced to and discuss some of the social, psychological, and cognitive realities of Black males in America.

LDR 2242 – Gender and Leadership3
This course is an exploration of the intersections of the complex social construct of gender and the intricacies of enacting leadership. This course considers the experiences of women, trans*, genderqueer, and men leaders as well as concepts of gender expression and the intersectionality of identities as influencers on leadership access and practice.

LDR 2243 – Latinx Leadership3
This course is a theory-to-practice, interactive and identity-based leadership course discussing and analyzing components of Latinx Leadership Development. This course explores the historical and cultural aspects of Latinx culture and how it intertwines with leadership development, learning, and practice.

LDR 2342 – Leadership and Empowerment
The course includes critical conversation about leadership literature, theory, and class discussions that will provide a foundation for new perspectives of leadership, with the focus on follower empowerment.

LDR 2560 – Leadership in Film1
This course initiates a thoughtful consideration of the nature of leadership as depicted in film. Film provides unique insights to investigate character and motive, as well as culture, allowing students to access meaning and significance through theoretical, analytic and dialogic inquiry.

LDR 4404 – Student Affairs Leadership1
This supporting course is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain knowledge in the theory and practical application of student affairs, with an emphasis placed on leadership development, problem solving, and career exploration.

LDR 2190 – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is theory to practice course focusing on the role of emotional intelligence (EI) in leadership knowledge, skills, and development. Students taking this course will be introduced to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (EIL) theory and consider the role of EI in the context of individual and team leadership development.

1. Scholarship in Practice 

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Scholarship in Practice requirements and is designed to help you become a critical thinker, a creative user of knowledge for professional practice, and an independent learner.

2. Cross-Cultural Studies (X)

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Cross-Cultural Studies (X) requirements and is designed to help you become a culturally conscious participant in a global community.

3. Diversity in Western Experience (Y)

This course has been approved to meet FSU’s Liberal Studies Diversity in Western Experience (Y) requirements and is designed to help you become a culturally literate member of society.

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