Outside Major Supporting Courses

Possible Supporting Courses for the Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

The following list of courses represents potential classes that students may wish to consider in completing their supporting leadership course requirements. When a course is selected, students will need to orient class projects and assignments toward the study of leadership in that field. Some disciplines may not offer a particular leadership course; however, students may wish to consider a DIS to complete this part of the certificate program. Possible activities for DIS courses include: research into prominent historical and contemporary leaders in the specific field, study of ethics codes and similar standards for the professional area, shadowing experiences and interviews of current, accessible leaders in the field.


FIN 3403     Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240    Managing Service Organizations
MAN 4720   Strategic Management and Business Policy

African-American Studies

AFA 1003     Diversity and Justice
AFA 3395     Cultural Pluralism and Community Service
AMH 2096    Black Women in America
AMH 2097    Race, Nationality & Ethnicity in US History
PAD 4414     American Public Service


ANT 4145     Origins of Complex Society

Art Education

ARE 4392     Classroom Management, Ethics, and School Law in Art Education

Biological Sciences

BSC 3052     Conservation Biology
BSC 3938     Careers in the Biological Sciences

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

BME 4082     Biomedical Engineering Ethics
EGN 3032     Engineering Ethics (Junior Standing in Engineering Required)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

ISC 3076     Science, Technology, and Society


COM 3332     New Communication Technology and Contemporary Society (online)
COM 3510     Political Communication and Campaigning
COM 4140     Fundamentals of Communication for Organizational Development
COM 4465    Communication and Conflict
MMC 4300    Communication and Change: The Diffusion of Innovations
PUR 4600     Public Relations Management: Cases and Campaign Strategies
RTV 3236     Directing Performance for the Camera
SPC 3301     Interpersonal Communication
SPC 3425     Communication in Small Groups
SPC 4445     Group Dynamics and Leadership
SPC 4540     Persuasion
SPC 4710     Interracial/Intercultural Communication
SPC 4711     Gender and Communication
PAD 4712     Information Resource and Communication Management (online)

Communication Disorders

SPA 2020     Effective Oral Communication
SPA 4255     Developmental Communication Disorders

Criminology and Criminal Justice

AMH 3470    History of Organized Crime
CCJ 4209     Courts and Social Policy
CJE 3110      Law Enforcement
CCJ 3677     Crimes against Humanity
CCJ 4283     Historical, Philosophical, and Ethical Issues in the Criminal Justice System
CCJ 4450     Criminal Justice Administration


ECO 4400     Games and Decisions
ECO 4922     Professional Development in Economics
ECP 3403     Business Organization and Market Structure

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

ADE 4930     Student Affairs Leadership
LDR 2210     Leadership Through Intergroup Dialogue


LIT 4205       Literature of Human Rights
ENG 4013     Literary Criticism

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

GEB 4113     Managing the Small to Mid-Sized Company
FIN 3403      Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240     Managing Service Organizations
GEB 4110     Business Plan Development

Family and Child Sciences

CHD 4265     Diversity of Families
FAD 2230     Family Relationships: A Life Span Development Approach


FIN 3403     Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240    Managing Service Organizations
FIN 4324     Commercial Bank Administration


BSC 3052     Conservation Biology
GLY 1892      Environmental Issues in Geology
GEO 4357     Environmental Conflict and Economic Development
GEO 4403     Global Change, Local Places
GEO 1400     Human Geography

Geological Sciences

GLY 1892      Environmental Issues in Geology


AMH 2096     Black Women in America
AMH 2044     American Biography (if emphasizing American leaders)
AMH 4140     Thomas Jefferson's America
AMH 4160     Andrew Jackson's America
AMH 4562     Women in Modern America
AMH 2097     Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
EUH 2035     Hitler and Stalin: Their Era and Legacies
EUH 4454     Napoleonic Europe, 1795-1815
LAH 4748     Social Revolutionary Movements in Latin America


HFT 3224     Managerial Behavior in Hospitality Operations
HFT 3240     Managing Service Organizations
HFT 4224     Hospitality Leadership & Ethics


HUM 3930      Intercultural Human Rights Film and Documentary

Industrial Engineering

EIN 3391     Introduction to Engineering Management
EIN 5931     Leadership and Communications (Graduate Course)

Information Technology

LIS 4481     Managing Information Resources and Services
PAD 4712   Information Resource and Communication Management (online)
LIS 2568     Multicultural Issues in Information Resources for Youth
LIS 4480     Information Technology Leadership
LIS 4488     Network Administration for the Information Professional
LIS 4770     Information and Image Management

Law and Society

POS 3691     Law and Society


FIN 3403      Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240     Managing Service Organizations
MAN 4605    Cross Cultural Management
MAN 4143    Contemporary Leadership Challenges
MAN 4441    Negotiation and Conflict Management

Management and Information Systems

FIN 3403     Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240    Managing Service Organizations
ISM 4117     Decision Support and Expert Systems Management


FIN 3403      Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240     Managing Service Organizations
MAR 4860    Customer Relationship Management
MAR 4156    Multinational Marketing

Middle and Secondary Education

EDG 2701     Teaching Diverse Populations (online)
LAE 4360      Classroom Management and Planning Instruction in Middle/High School English

Military Science


Multinational Business Operations

FIN 3403      Financial Management of the Firm
HFT 3240     Managing Service Organizations
MAN 4605    Cross Cultural Management


MUE 4392     Classroom Management, Safety, Law, and Ethics
MUE 2390     Teaching Music to Diverse Populations
MUE 3493     Communication Skills for the Musician: Instrumental
MUE 3491     Communication Skills for the Musician: Choral


NUR 4835     Professional Nursing Leadership and Management & Lab
NUR 4826     Health Care Ethics (online)
NUR 3825     Values, Roles and Issues in Professional Nursing
NUR 3076     Communication in Health Care
NUR 4826     Contemporary Clinical Ethics in Health Care

Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences

DIE 4310      Community Nutrition
FSS 4315     Institutional Organization and Administration & Lab


OCE 4017      Current Issues in Environmental Science


PHI 2630     Ethical Issues and Life Choices
PHI 3670     Ethical Theory
PHI 2100     Reasoning and Critical Thinking
PHI 3641     Business Ethics
PHI 2635     Biomedical Ethics
PHI 2620     Environmental Ethics


PHY 4905     WIMSE Colloquium
PHY 3091     Communication in Physics

Political Science

POS 3691     Law and Society
INR 3502      International Organization
INR 2002      Introduction to International Relations
POT 3502     Politics and Ethics

Public Administration and Policy

PAD 4332     Strategic Leadership for Communities
PAD 4712     Information Resource and Communication Management

Social Work

SOW 3350     Interviewing and Recording in Social Work
SOW 4323     Theory and Practice of Social Work with Groups
SOW 4620     Diversity in Social Work Practice
SOW 4627     Mental Health of Diverse Populations


SYP 3400     Social Change
SYP 3000     Social Psychology of Groups
SYD 4700     Race and Minority Group Relations
SYP 3400     Social Change

Sports Management, Recreation Management, and Physical Education

SPM 4204     Ethics in Sport
SPM 4604     Sport Governance
PET 4400      Managerial, Ethical, and Organizational Aspects of Physical Education
LEI 4524       Leadership and Supervision in Leisure Systems

Textiles and Consumer Sciences

HHD 4935     Leadership Development in Residential Science


THE 4433     Gender, Race and Performance
TPA 4400     Theatre Management
TPA 4601     Stage Management

Urban and Regional Planning

URP 4022      Collective Decision Making

Women's Studies

WST 4931      Seminar in Women's Studies

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