Community Outreach FAQ

My student organization is interested in participating in an outreach project; can I sign us all up?
Thank you for your interest in community service. The Community Outreach Program is intended to give individual students who are not already connected with a student group or program the opportunity to feel connected, meet new people, and serve the community. Therefore, it is not an ideal program for student groups. If you are interested in having your organization participate in a group service project, please contact center advising to learn about other opportunities that will be better suited to your student group.

I was told there was no more space in the van for me; can I just follow the van in my car and volunteer with the outreach project anyway?
Unfortunately, you cannot follow the center vans to the outreach projects. The community agency determines the maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate, which is reflected on the signup sheets. Once that capacity is reached, the project is considered full. We wouldn't want more volunteers to show up at an agency than were needed or expected.

Do I have to commit to an outreach project every week?
No. The Community Outreach Program is intended to be an exploratory program. Therefore, depending on your schedule and availability, you can sign up for projects on a week-to-week basis and participate as often as you wish. Unless otherwise stated, the projects do not require any long-term commitment, so you can sign up for a project once to see what it's like and not feel obligated to go again. But if you enjoy participating in an outreach project, we encourage you to continue volunteering as often as you are able. If you want to have a regularly scheduled, semester-long service experience, consider applying to be an outreach facilitator.

There's a specific agency that I am interested in, but I can't find it on the outreach schedule. Can I not participate in it now?
If an agency is not listed on the outreach schedule, it simply means that we do not currently have a project with that agency. If you are interested in volunteering with that agency, you can make arrangements with the agency directly or talk with the Community Outreach Program coordinator about starting an outreach project at the agency you are interested in. The outreach program is very much student-led and student-initiated. We welcome the opportunity to expand our service trips.

For any additional information, please contact the community outreach program coordinator at 850-644-3342.

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