Service Scholar Profiles

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Causing not only a lot of academic growth, but personal growth as well, Schubert recalls her years in the program. While working on her journey project, Schubert started a project with Sustainable Tallahassee to start a county wide food recovery network also focusing on waste.

While confronting the realities of college, Biological Sciences major John Wilcox has carried this sentiment throughout his time in the Service Scholars program to make him into the person he loves today.

Despite entering FSU with an extensive background in service, Rueda’s understanding of service has been deeply transformed. Rueda believes that this duty to serve will be a part of her no matter where her career and educational goals take her.

Rose Rodriguez has found what she values most in service and life through the Service Scholars Program. For Rodriguez service had evolved into an experience rooted in reflection and mindfulness.

For Katriana Johnson-Dubytz, every contribution matters. As part of the 18th cohort of the Service Scholars program, Johnson-Dubytz has been involved with center programs since coming to Florida State.

While touring the Second Harvest Food Bank his freshman year, Service Scholar senior David Butter found an organization that lined up directly with his interests and passion for food and became a part of its cause.

Vivek Somasundaram is joining the fight to cure leukemia. As a research assistant for Dr. David Gilbert, Somasundaram has spent the past two years studying DNA replication in eukaryotic cells, particularly in stem cells and cancer cells.

Sagramsingh is a mechanical engineering major in her senior year at Florida State University. Originally from Bradenton, FL, Raine Sagramsingh has embraced Tallahassee and all it has to offer—including its homeless population.