Youth Programs

Youth Programs makes a wonderful difference in the lives of students in grades K-12 served by Leon County Schools. All mentors gain valuable experiences, including interacting with children, providing a much-needed service in schools and after-school programs, and learning and applying tutoring skills in reading, writing, math and science.

If you are coming back to continue the amazing work you began last semester or even a year or more ago, we are ecstatic to see you again! If you are new to our program, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you!  You have made one of the best decisions of your college career.  Inspiring someone else to be successful - academically and socially - and to give hope to and inspire the dreams of others is a powerful task, and you have made the first step in fulfilling it. Our program is the place where you can inspire, empower and encourage someone else by simply being you. The rewards that you will gain as a part of this program will be immeasurable and life-changing.

We look forward to meeting you and I know the students are eager to see you too!

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