At the Center for Leadership & Social Change, we believe in the vast difference that can be made by the collective efforts of individuals.

For decades, the center and its predecessors have transformed the lives of students, faculty and staff through leadership education, identity development and community engagement. The center provides more than 30 programs to foster opportunities and vision for students and alumni to create positive, sustainable, community-based change. The ultimate goal of the center’s work is to develop our abilities to be aware of and engaged in the world around us, using our talents and means to create a more just and humane society.

Your support is critical in sustaining and expanding this collaborative, continuous work to live and lead at the intersection of community, diversity and change. Programs such as Multicultural Leadership Summit, LeaderShape Institute, and Service Leadership Seminar rely on donations from those who support our vision.

Join us as we continue working to enable and empower each of us to embrace the value of difference and readily accept opportunities for lifelong learning, meaningful influence and positions of trust.

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