Hispanic/ Latinx Distinguished Service Award

The Hispanic/ Latinx Distinguished Service Awards recognize and celebrate a faculty member and a staff member who enhance cultural awareness and increase knowledge of contributions of the Latinx community to our social, political, cultural, and economic history, as well as contemporary contributions to the FSU community. This award is intended to celebrate pillars of the FSU community who demonstrate a commitment to fostering growth and diversity among the Latinx cultural identity through teaching, research, and/or service. While the award in itself is an honor, it also carries a $1,000 stipend for the recipient.

Faculty Award

A faculty member who demonstrates scholarly excellence and significant contribution to the academic study, research, and discourse of Latinx history and identity on campus, in the community, in the United States, and/or globally, including the teaching, research, and discourse of Afro-Latinx and Indigenous-Latinx individuals and communities.

Staff Award

A staff member who exemplifies a commitment to fostering a diverse campus community and has made significant contributions to the service and support of Latinx students, faculty, and staff and Latinx culture on campus through projects, programs, or service.



The President’s Council on Diversity & Inclusion is currently accepting nominations for the Hispanic/ Latinx Distinguished Service Awards. All nominations must be submitted by Sunday, Sept. 25.  Award recipients will be announced during the week of Oct. 9.

Nomination Criteria

  • The nominee should be a full-time employee, in good standing, who has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to FSU.

  • Individuals of all races, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and any other identity groups are eligible for the award.

  • Nominations may be submitted by any student, faculty, staff, or administrator at the university.

Nomination Materials 

  • Nomination letter: Detail the faculty/staff member’s scholarly excellence, social involvement, and/or significant contributions to study, research, service, support, and/or amplification of Latinx individuals, communities, and identities on campus and beyond. The nomination letter should include contact information for the faculty/staff member organizing the nomination materials.

  • Resume/CV and biography: The person submitting the nomination materials should include a resume/CV and a short biography of the nominee.

  • Two letters of support: Letters should affirm the commitment and contributions of the nominee, including one from the nominee's supervisor or administrative unit head (e.g. dean or director).



Dr. Sierra Turner
Director, Office of Representation, Inclusion & Student Equity


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