Get Out the Vote FSU

Get Out the Vote FSU is a student-led program focused on voter registration, education, and activation efforts across campus. This team will work closely with FSU Votes, the campus-wide, non-partisan initiative aimed at increasing civic engagement and voter participation among Florida State University students.

GOTV FSU will work to develop and implement voter registration drives, voter education events, social media platforms, campus and community partners, civic holidays, and get out the vote programs.


We are looking for our inaugural leadership team to co-create the infrastructure of this program. This is a year-long commitment beginning in Spring 2022, with specific focus on the 2022 midterm/ gubernatorial elections.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • have experience or deep interest engaging their peers across topics pertaining to voting and civic engagement.
  • are interested in developing educational programming.
  • have experience in creating/managing social media content or graphic design.
  • have experience in marketing, advertising, or journalism.
  • are able to work collaboratively in and across groups.
  • have strong relational and outreach skills.
  • are self-starters and able to take initiative on projects.
  • are able to remain non-partisan for all FSU Votes/GOTV FSU programs and content.
  • are interested in building an organization from the ground floor.

Leadership Positions

This position includes organizing the function of the student team, as well as acting as point person for all initiatives, events, alumni relations, and external communication. The director position also includes reserving space and coordinating other logistics for events. 

Assistant Director for Communications
This position coordinates advertising for events, creating recruitment materials, assisting with outreach, and documenting operations through photography, videography, and meeting minutes. Other tasks may include creating t-shirts and other marketing items, maintaining all social media platforms, booking speakers and events, and emailing students. Graphic design, advertising, or marketing experience is helpful. 

Assistant Director for Outreach (2)  
These positions focus on outreach to our FSU and Tallahassee communities. This position includes tasks such as coordinating education sessions for RSOs and groups, staying in contact with the Supervisor of Elections office, advocating for more voting resources from the university, and forming relationships with community leaders. 

Assistant Director for Education
This position coordinates and creates educational materials about voting, civic engagement, community outreach, and some community service options. This leader also presents education sessions to groups outside of GOTV FSU to help increase civic engagement on campus. 

Assistant Director of Voting Services
This position includes coordinating voting procedures for the campus. Responsibilities include contacting the Supervisor of Elections, coordinating voting events, managing registration forms, finding polling places, and sharing voting resources. 

Assistant Director for Finance
This position includes bookkeeping, making purchasing orders, handling external bank accounts, processing donations, assisting other members with financial payments, keeping track of contracts, and tracking the budget. 




Eric Jones
Program Coordinator

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