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With daily life interrupted in response to a global health crisis, we want the to be a place of refuge and recharge for the FSU community. 

Social distance doesn't have to mean total isolation. We can still maintain and continue to build community in new ways.



I recognize I may not be the only one that is in this place. The place of sitting in “it.” The place of not having a name for “it” but knowing that something is there that needs tending to

More than 50 volunteers — including FSU and FAMU staff and students, TPD, FSUPD, and the Leon County Sherriff's Office — came together to continue the Thanksgiving Food Basket tradition.

As we have continued to talk as a team, individually and in small groups, we thought about the best ways that we can continue to show support for our community, for those whose activism is out loud and in-your-face and for those whose activism is less public and exists in their volunteer work, their task force membership, or their conversations with racist family members.

Storytelling plays a vital role in creating positive changes in our communities. Through storytelling, the power of the narrative is enhanced, and with it, you can empathize with the storyteller's words.

Storytelling is an art where the ‘main character’ (whoever is reflecting, remembering, or proposing) is using a platform to tell their truths and the evolution of their transformation.

When was the last time you really listened to the stories being told in the music you bump to?

I move forward in ways that are authentic to me because my family and the black men and women that have yet to come into my life are waiting...They need me to understand the full scope of resources at their disposal to be able to protest, rally, and advocate for social change in ways that will lead to policy changes far beyond their time. 

As humans, we have been forced to limit our travel, decrease our production, and tailor our consumption. We are forced to reimagine some of the human pieces of our existence. But for our planet…oh, I imagine she is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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