Center Spotlight: Katriana Johnson-Dubytz


Katriana Johnson-Dubytz

Age: 20

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Year: Senior

Majors: Psychology / Environment & Society

For Katriana Johnson-Dubytz, every contribution matters.

Graduating this August, Johnson-Dubytz is a third-year senior that is passionate about changing the world around her.

“Even though I know I won’t make large scale significant changes,” she said, Johnson-Dubytz is up for the challenge.

As part of the 18th cohort of the Service Scholars program, Johnson-Dubytz has been involved with center programs since coming to Florida State. She has also completed the Leadership Studies certificate, PeaceJam, Service Leadership Seminar and worked with the Interfaith Food Shuttle through the Alternative Breaks program.

She attributes PeaceJam and the Leadership Studies certificate for a lot of her growth.

Through PeaceJam, she learned the importance of transparency and vulnerability.

“I came in with a front to seem like I was put together for leadership, but now I’m at the point where I have to inform everyone that I am a mess and that’s how we build those relationships,” she said.

Through the Leadership Studies certificate, she said that she learned the importance of interpersonal relationships when it comes to leadership and service because, “that’s how you build the most effective change.”

Last year, Johnson-Dubytz participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program as a research assistant. She did 3-D printing in a behavioral neuroscience lab, called Hammock lab, creating custom research tools.

Starting as an executive assistant for ReThink Energy Florida, Johnson-Dubytz is now the associate director, dedicating 15-20 hours a week running the organization’s education team.

“That involves a lot of looking at who and how we currently reach out to community members, and figuring out how to get more intentional and inclusive in bringing opportunities to people, and especially targeting communities who otherwise wouldn’t have access to that,” she said.

Johnson-Dubytz is looking for a job in the environmental field after graduation.

“Ideally, I want to work with environmental justice and the inequitable distribution of environmental risks and benefits across persons of different groups and identities,” she said.

That, coupled with her experience with mental health issues, has given her a vested interest in giving back.

“I can’t see the world the way that it is, and see injustices going on and not work towards addressing it,” she said. “I will stay up all night.”

Fabuola Pierre