commUNITY Dialogue: "Patterns of Anti-LGTBQ Violence and the Need for Safe Space"

Join the Center for Leadership & Social Change on Sept. 22 for the first commUNITY Dialogue Series of the semester, "Patterns of Anti-LGTBQ Violence and the Need for Safe Space." 

Petra L. Doan, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University, will explore some of the reasons that the Pulse shooting in Orlando has had such powerful ripple effects through the LGBTQ community. She will also explore the longstanding patterns of violence against LGBTQ individuals that continue to harm LGBTQ individuals and places the Pulse shooting in this wider context and use examples from her own experiences coming out as a trans woman in the 1990s to highlight the importance of gay bars such as Pulse as havens from intolerance.

Doan has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on international planning as well as planning for marginalized communities, with a special focus on lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgendered individuals. Expect stories and dialogue around issues of LGBTQ violence and the intersection between urban planning and safe spaces.

Through the commUNITY Dialogue Series, the center invites students to engage in dialogue with dynamic FSU faculty, staff, and community members. Topics for dialogue encompass identity, research, and current events. Each installment of the series runs from noon to 1:30 p.m. in DSC 2201/2202 and provides lunch.

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