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This year's graduates and their supporting communities had the chance to celebrate, reflect, and recognize each other on their collective journeys to the V-rak-ke-ce-tv Cultural Graduation stage.



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What has driven voters in the U.S. and Great Britain toward the right in recent major elections?

Students at Florida State University will soon have the opportunity to hear Marc Johnston-Guerrero speak about race and diversity at the 2017 Multicultural Leadership Summit.

Johnston-Guerrero’s keynote address will cover multiracial identity especially as it exists in a classroom setting. This is part of this year’s MLS theme, Dumping the Melting Pot: Embracing the Mosaic, which will emphasize the problem of assimilation as a result of viewing diversity in the United States as a melting pot. The summit will explore the impact of acknowledging and celebrating different identities and backgrounds in their many forms rather than treating the country as one people with a singular culture.

Toni Sanchez knows what it’s like to feel like you're never enough.

Ramon Alexander believes in the power of partnerships.

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The Community Outreach Program hosts six weekly service trips for students at area nonprofits this semester.

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