Ever stopped in to a store just to use the restroom? So have we. Restoration is rooted in REST. Unplug, recharge, connect to YOU with some of our guided meditations, relaxations and daily affirmations.

Daily Intentions

Want to make your own intentions? Use this intention generator to create one!

Apps to Support Relaxation and Calm


  • Liberate Meditation App
  • A free app with guided meditations by people of color, Liberate seeks to create a safe space for the Black community while promoting peace of mind through meditation.
  • Calm App
  • Take a deep breath. Calm App provides meditations, processing reflections, music and sleep stories to help you find calmness and relaxation in your day.
  • Headspace App
  • HeadSpace helps you clear your head and focus on mindfulness, even in short bits of time between other activities. With guided prompts, it helps you take a moment to yourself whenever you need it most. It also offers a MAJOR discount for students for just $9.99 a year!


Need help refocusing the morning? Listen to this 10-minute morning gratitude meditation by Goodful to recenter on what's important and restore your focus.
Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or worn out? Listen to this 10-minute guided meditation for anxiety by Goodful to realign your thoughts and calm the inner storm.

Visual Meditation-scapes

Need some positive noise? Listen to this peaceful 3-hour piano and guitar music with nature scenes to relax the mind and hear the good in the world.
Looking for the relaxing sounds of nature? Listen to this 10-hour track of rain on a window with added thunder sounds to reconnect with the music of nature.
Missing the sounds of the ocean? Listen to this 8-hour track of ocean waves with nighttime ocean scenes to calm the mind and recenter with nature.
Need white noise to focus out all the other noise? Listen to this 10-hour track of white noise with scenes of planet Earth from outer space to help focus on work and clear the mind.

Yoga, Movement & Breathing Exercises

Feeling especially anxious? Follow Adriene in this 50-minute yoga session focusing on yoga for uncertainty, or view her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene
Watch this 1-hour guided yoga session focusing on yoga for life with Works of Light Yoga. View all their videos on their FaceBook page, Works of Light Yoga & Meditation.
 New to yoga or looking for basics? Dive into this relaxing and rewarding process with this 20-minute yoga session for complete beginners by Yoga with Adriene.
Don't forget to just breathe. Follow this 3-minute mindful breathing session by the American Lung Association to help refocus your breath and take control of your thoughts.


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