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Welcome to the Restore Store

Welcome to the Restore Store, a place of sanctuary brought to you by the Women’s Leadership Institute. Many things in our world can seem chaotic and overwhelming, so we have generated some content in this online ‘store’ that you may find helpful to fill your cup or replenish your capacity for getting through the day. Glance through our ‘aisles’ at your leisure and take what you need—for free. Come back as often as you like, especially as we plan to refresh content and accept and post suggestions in content from you! Restoration comes in many forms, so if you have found solace in something not listed here, please contribute to our online community by visiting our CREATE section. We hope that you know that you matter, that you are not alone, and that a community of women supports you, even if we don’t yet know your name.

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Looking for Rest?

Visit the WLI Restore REST Room to recharge with guided meditation, guided yoga, and breathing exercises. The REST Room offers great BOGO deals on relaxation and community connection!


Feeling Creative?

Head down to Aisle 4 to browse all our creative opportunities. The WLI Restore Store stocks coloring sheets, guided craft videos, and the opportunity to submit your own content for others!

Connect with Us

Do you have a great idea for content that the WLI Restore Store should put in stock? Is there something you want to share with other women to assist in their restoration? Go to Aisle 4 to submit your own creative works or click here to email WLI!

WLI Storefront

The Restore Store is brought to you by the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI). To learn more about WLI, visit thecenter.fsu.edu/leadership/womens-leadership-institute.

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