Missing campus? Color your way home

After a little more than a week of working from home, I'm beginning to really miss campus. Being able to step out of the office for just a few minutes and into the landscape of FSU's brick walks, shady trees, and bright flowers for a few minutes is one of my go-to methods of stress relief on a busy day. 

On the occasions that I find myself in a meeting in the Westcott Building, walking out into the courtyard, sitting on a shady bench, listening to the flow of the fountain, and maybe even feeling its spray on a hot day, is a particular treat. 


Black-and-white coloring sheet of FSU's Westcott Building with fountain in foreground. Artwork by Amanda Albert



These days, as I'm settling into a new routine from home, I'm still trying to find ways to take a quick brain break when I need it, especially as work-life boundaries begin to blur. In addition to video games and a good book, I've started to pull out the adult coloring books people have given me as gifts for a bit of decompression in the evenings.

Research has shown that coloring can reduce anxiety and may boost creativity in adults. At the center, Spiritual Life Project facilitators often offer mandala coloring pages (one of the coloring methods proven most effective in studies) as a self-care and mindfulness activity during events.

But in this time of social distancing and remote work and study, we've decided to bring you what we hope will be a calming activity that combines coloring and campus all in one place. Thanks to our extraordinarily talented graphic designer, Amanda Albert, we offer you this coloring page of the iconic Westcott courtyard, complete with fountain, to hopefully bring you a little closer to home. 

Download the full page version, color away, and then show us your final product by tagging us on social media @thecenterfsu. We'll share some of our favorites. 

Happy coloring!

— Paige Rentz, CLSC Media Specialist