Past Winners & Nominees

Since 1988 FSU Presidents have been recognizing the outstanding community contributions and humanitarian actions of Florida State undergraduates. In the early years of the award, nominations could come from anyone, including academic colleges, student affairs departments, student organizations, and community agencies. The nomination process was even advertised in the Florida Flambeau and the Tallahassee Democrat. As the years passed, however, nominations were consolidated to just the academic colleges. Below are the nominees and award winners since 1988. As of the 33rd award year in 2021, over 350 undergraduate students had been nominated as Humanitarians.

From 1987-2008 the President’s Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year Award winner was automatically nominated for the annual National Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award, sponsored by Campus Compact. Five students were chosen nationally to receive the award. In the 21 years that the Swearer Award was given out, three FSU students were awarded, and four students were named as finalists.

If you find your name below, we would love to hear from you. Please consider reaching out with any updates related to how humanitarian service has and may continue to shape your life. You may contact David Bateman-Schieler, the award organizer via email at

The records below are accurate to the best of our knowledge and contain known gaps. Additionally, we are working to add a photo from the ceremony to each award year.

2021: Winner - Marjorie "Maggie" Fitzsimmons (College of Medicine)

Maggie Fitzsimmons is a senior in the interdisciplinary medical sciences program. Maggie’s passion for service stems from her own experiences related to epilepsy. Through connecting personal experiences to service Maggie has been able to create and support a vibrant community of students with epilepsy, as well as supportive friends, family, and peer students. After starting a collegiate chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation and supporting the creation of a sibling chapter at the University of South Florida, the groups were able to raise $64,000 for families in need during the pandemic. Maggie has also personally assisted in the Seizure First Aid certification of over 100 individuals. Maggie is sure she will continue to support the growing National Epilepsy College Campus Network, that she has started, following graduation.

NOMINEES: Alana Rigby (College of Education); Charles Brenner (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering); Elizabeth "Beth" Slade (College of Fine Arts); Jaya Smith (College of Communication & Information); Jordan Chung (College of Human Sciences); Jordan Fleurigene (College of Business); Kayla Pfeffer (College of Arts & Sciences); Marjorie "Maggie" Fitzsimmons (College of Medicine); Micah Castillo (College of Music); Sofia Higgins (College of Criminology & Criminal Justice); Taylor Biro (College of Social Work)

2020: Winner - Myah Freeman (Fine Arts)

In 2020, Myah Freeman was a third-year majoring in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at FSU. During the summer of 2019, she served with nonprofit organization Maison de la Gare through the FSU Global Scholars Program, an organization that provided the talibé children of Saint-Louis, Senegal with the necessary resources that they lacked. This included access to a formal education, food, medical treatment, and much more. Myah also worked with FSU’s Student Government Association, providing the DeGraff Tunnel with six paintings supporting the enhancement of student experience. At the time of her award, Myah connected her service to Florida State University through her involvement in the Office of National Fellowships and the Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement by making other students aware of such amazing service opportunities.

NOMINEES: Mia Bennett (Applied Studies); Celina Meyer (Arts & Sciences); Carlos Rodriguez (Business); Christina Vallone (Communication & Information); Taniesha Legette (Education); Weston Dudley (Engineering); Myah Freeman (Fine Arts); Haley Drew (Human Sciences); Cian Cranfield (Medicine); Rebekah Hagans (Music); Molly McQueeney (Social Work)

2019: Winner - Kathryn Cassello (Social Work)

Kathryn Cassello grounded personal empowerment and prevention at the forefront of this student’s service. After dedicating time to mentor middle school girls at the Oasis Center for Women & Girls, Kathryn co-founded ‘You are not Alone”, a youth suicide prevention program that raises awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Prior to being recognized as the Humanitarian of the Year in 2019, Kathryn also served a field organizer and President of the FSU Chapter of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, focused on ensuring campus safety and violence prevention.

NOMINEES: Rachel Castelli (Applied Studies); Essence Duncan (Arts & Sciences); Sarah Grice (Business); Monica McShaffrey (Communication & Information); Chloe Craig (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Emily Botta (Education); Jennifer Magi (Engineering); Madeline Wishart (Fine Arts); Cara Steinberg (Human Sciences); Savannah Calleson (Medicine); Emma Harmon (Music); Angela Byrne (Nursing); Kathryn Casello (Social Work)

2018: Winner - Natalia Correa (Human Sciences)

Natalia Correa, a senior at the time of her award in 2018, was recognized for her service with the Alzheimer’s Project, through her work with AmeriCorps. She provided respite care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and progressive dementia. She also assisted in translating the Alzheimer’s Project handbook to Spanish. Correa also served with the SSTRIDE Mentoring Program and the Global Scholars Program, with the Moroccan League for the Protection of Children.

NOMINEES: Justine Powell (Applied Studies); Arsene Frederic (Arts & Sciences); Bryan Pena (Business); Mackenzie Bowlin (Communication & Information); John Walker (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Emma Botta (Education); Bailey Davis (Engineering); Caroline Mozo (Fine Arts); Natalia Correa (Human Sciences); Katharyn Lindborg (Medicine); Iliana Ipes (Motion Picture Arts); Emma Harmon (Music); Danielle Wilson (Nursing); Samantha Kunin (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Denise Baril (Social Work)

2017: Winner - Ramon Aleman (Business)

Ramon Aleman prioritized sustainability and community in their service. By visiting Tallahassee homeless shelters Ramon identified a pressing need among individuals experiencing homelessness, finding that while many earned stable incomes, they struggled to save enough for housing deposits. Ramon then founded Unhoused Humanity, a non-profit that shares these stories and partners with donors to fundraise for these deposits. At the time of his award in 2017, Unhoused Humanity had raised over $40,000 and housed over 100 people, with 90% of clients sustaining housing over time.

NOMINEES: Kathryn May (Applied Studies); Joe Pelt (Arts & Sciences); Ramon Aleman (Business); Catherine Christine Timm (Communication & Information); Emilie Easton (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Brittany Sinitch (Education); Jena Martino (Engineering); Jocelyn Riedl (Fine Arts); Neil Sood (Human Sciences); Terry Beck (Motion Picture Arts); Emma Harmon (Education); Steve Lizano (Nursing); Saleshia Ellis (Social Sciences & Public Policy)

2016: Winner - Brendan Rempert (Communication & Information)

At the time of his award, Brendan Rempert was a junior from Bradenton, Fla., who served through many campus outlets. His service with SaveFirst, FocusFirst, Global Scholars and Florida State Alternative Breaks had taught him to be critically conscious about local communities and to prioritize their articulated needs.

NOMINEES: James Bryant Durham III (Applied Studies); Marisa Chanin (Arts & Sciences); Jason McIntosh (Business); Brendan Rempert (Communication & Information); Shane Morris (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Katelyn Moloney (Education); Raine Sagramsingh (Engineering); Morgan Zoldak (Fine Arts); Brooke Griggs (Human Sciences); Geri Ingall (Motion Picture Arts); Michael Rivera (Music); Deirdre Milio (Nursing); Ljubica Nikolic (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Marci Morse (Social Work)

2015: Winner - Jamie Klein (Motion Picture Arts)

At the time of her award, Jamie was a senior from Parkland, Florida. She wrote, produced, edited and directed a short film for the kNOw MORE campaign, committed to educating the campus community about sexual violence and prevention. This film is now shown at the Refuge House and FSU Orientation.

NOMINEES: Sabrina McAlister (Applied Studies); Dora DeMaria (Arts & Sciences); Sarah R. Green (Business); Joy Mikhail (Communication & Information); Janelle King (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Lacey Meisner (Education); Malcolm Herrod Harmon (Engineering); Victoria Sunnergren (Fine Arts); Jared Becker (Human Sciences); Jamie Klein (Motion Picture Arts); Emily Palmier (Music); Megan Leigh Smith (Nursing); James M. Rujimora (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Carolyn Scullion (Social Work)

2014: Winner - Susanne Botfeld (Social Sciences & Public Policy)

At the time of her award, Susanne was a senior from Boca Raton, Florida. Convicted about fighting hunger and feeding hope, she serves as the FSU Student Ambassador to Second Harvest, which provides healthy food to low-income families. Additionally, she is a PeaceJam Mentor and Team Capitan for FSU Relay.

NOMINEES: Christine Montgomery Hale (Applied Studies); Jordan Hopkins (Arts & Sciences); Evan Ernst (Business); Brianna Barnebee (Communication & Information); Jillian L. Kern (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Allyson Whitter (Education); Devan Patel (Engineering); Julianna Marie Mercado (Fine Arts); Adrienne Seitz (Human Sciences); Ines Corina Michelena (Motion Picture Arts); Andy Acosta (Music); Janet Lorenz (Nursing); Susanne Botfeld (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Anne Piervil (Social Work)

2013: Winner - Justin Vandenbroeck (Engineering)

At the time of his award, Justin was a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering from Cooper City, FL. As a result of his leadership in the Florida State Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, the Chapter was awarded $28,000 in grants and donations toward their ongoing projects. Justin also successfully developed a strategic plan to combat childhood obesity through his involvement in the Tallahassee Sustainability Group.

NOMINEES: Jordan Hopkins (Arts & Sciences); Kaitlin Wallace (Business); Maria Gianfilippo (Communication & Information); Michael Elias Mitrani (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Justin Vandenbroeck (Engineering); Sarah Kibler (Fine Arts); Rachelle Cezalien (Human Sciences); Ashlet Townsend (Music); Bethany Jeanne Gill (Nursing); Paige Beles (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Sofia Beatriz Fernandez (Social Work)

2012: Winner - Jessica Glen (Engineering)

Jessica learned the true definition of advocacy through her participation with the Habitat for Humanity program at Florida State. The significance and impact of advocacy on the construct of social change is what has motivated her to serve her community. As a campus leader, she found joy in the opportunity to positively transform the lives of the Habitat for Humanity Home recipients and the impact she makes on the student volunteers at Florida State.

NOMINEES: Rebecca Whitehead (Arts & Sciences); Robert Holup (Business); Claire Butler (Communication & Information); Gia Maxwell (Education); Jessica Glen (Engineering); Vu Thai (Fine Arts); Gabriel Gomez (Human Sciences); John Wikstrom (Motion Picture Arts); Erin Welch (Music); Leandra Stouffer (Nursing); Amy Robinson (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Albert Bacon (Social Work)

2011: Winner - Chris Roberts (Engineering)

Chris studied Civil Engineering. He worked with Habitat for Humanity where he empowered families through homeownership. Through his participation with Habitat, Chris served both communities in Tallahassee and abroad.

NOMINEES: Bailey Hein (Business); Sarah Timberlake (Communication & Information); Alexandria Mancuso (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Christopher Roberts (Engineering); Lauren Fontaine (Fine Arts); Victoria Eikevik (Human Sciences); Tansy Michaud (Motion Picture Arts); Erin Welch (Music); Nicole Strom (Nursing); Danica Sun (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Emily Cunningham (Social Work)

2010: Winner - Sophia Khawly (Nursing)

Outside her duties as a nursing student and Service Scholar, Sophia was the co-founder and Chief Administrative Director of Hope for Haiti’s Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of some of the most impoverished children in the world. By raising money and awareness during the school year and working fulltime during the summers, Sophia helped to build two public schools and health clinics that help more than 300 students in Port-au-Prince.

NOMINEES: Sarah Cleeland (Arts & Sciences); Laura Saportas (Business); Aldo De La Paz (Communication & Information); Kelly Sanderson (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Thomas DeCeglie (Education); Jhoana Antiquino (Fine Arts); Megan O’Donnell (Human Sciences); Tansy Michaud (Motion Picture Arts); Halie Goldman (Music); Sophia Khawly (Nursing); Elizabeth Pagan (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Amy Derringer (Social Work)

2009: Winner - Margaret Hughes (Social Work)

Margaret was the Executive Board Chair for the FSU Service Scholar Program. She is a founding member of the Hunger and Homelessness Cadre that develops and hosts events to advocate for the alleviation of hunger and homelessness in the community.

NOMINEES: Ricky Goins Jr. (Arts & Sciences); Carlos Lindo (Business); Alexandra Haddad (Communication & Information); Clint Morrow (Communication & Information); Travis Yancey (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Whitney Travaglini (Education); Catherine Carella (Engineering); Rachel Rossin (Fine Arts); Amanda Gonzalez (Human Sciences); Joey Daoud (Motion Picture Arts); Halie Goldman (Music); Blanca Marrero (Nursing); Amanda Gonzalez (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Margaret Hughes (Social Work)

2008: Winner - Sarah Ogdie (Social Work)

Sarah’s experiences with the community have ranged from days of service to international endeavors that took her to a Liberian refugee camp. Sarah’s most intense service project was working with ex-child soldiers in Ghana. The lesson she has taken away from her service is that leaving her comfort zone is a small price to pay for the inspiration that can come from simple connections with people.

NOMINEES: Pedro Gassant (Arts & Sciences); Brittant Froelich (Business); Robin D. Hamilton (Communication & Information); Brian Dolan (Communication & Information); Stephanie Triay (Education); Peter Soler (Engineering); Indira Goodwine (Fine Arts); Ila Elise Anderson (Human Sciences); Joseph Daoud (Motion Picture Arts); Lawrence Malinconico (Music); Stephanie Shumate (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Sarah Ogdie (Social Work)

2007: Winner - Amanda Stone (Social Sciences & Public Policy)

The summer before receiving her award, Amanda spent ten weeks in Uganda researching women’s property and domestic decision-making rights and conducting human rights seminars in rural areas. Amanda was also an FSU Service Scholar, a past Outreach Project Team Leader, an Alternative Break Corps participant, and a conversation partner at the Center for Intensive English Studies.

NOMINEES: Alleen Weathers (Arts & Sciences); Alissa Barnard (Business); Thelma Acquaah-Harrison (Communication & Information); April Johnson (Communication & Information); Patrice Falzone (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Ashley Morton (Education); Kristy Pellegrino (Engineering); Pamela Sommers (Fine Arts); Ashely Anderson (Human Sciences); Nicole Emanuele (Motion Picture Arts); Jessica Rushing (Music); Camille Guidry (Nursing); Amanda Stone (Social Science & Public Policy); Nicole Giroux (Social Work)

2006: Winner - Vicent Bocchino (Communication & Information)

As director of Dance Marathon, Vincent Bocchino dedicated close to 1,000 hours of service to this event to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. He contributed many hours of service to the Florida State University and Tallahassee communities. In addition, Vincent was involved in Student Judicial Board, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Student Alumni Association, Homecoming planning and Bryan Hall.

NOMINEES: Mei-Ling Shotts (Arts & Sciences); Audra Jones (Business); Ivan Gonzales (Communication & Information); Vincent Bocchino (Communication & Information); Katherine Weber (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Megan McGivney (Education); Shellina Reeves (Engineering); Megan Bazylak (Fine Arts); Shana Flaxman (Human Sciences); Colin Whitman (Motion Picture Arts); Kendra Trainor (Music); Haley Cutler (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Jessica Bradstreet (Social Work)

2005: Winner - Jillian Volpe (Communication & Information)

Jillian, A Service Scholar, exhibits dedication and leadership in volunteer and humanitarian work in the community. Throughout her four years in college, Jillian worked with the Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO), Camp Boggy Creek, the Heifer Project International and America’s Second Harvest of the Big Bend. Following graduation, Jillian worked as the Director of Communication for Second Harvest.

NOMINEES: Aaron Kline (Arts & Sciences); Meredith Hinshelwood (Business); Michael Gartley (Communication & Information); Jillian Volpe (Communication & Information); Brittney McClary (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Barbara Maria Moro (Education); Naomie Baptiste (Engineering); Alena Troutman (Fine Arts); Stephanie Wolin (Fine Arts); David Quintana (Human Sciences); Michael Pycher (Motion Picture Arts); Sabrina Barton (Music); Melissa Crilly (Nursing); Elissa Saavedra (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Erin Steffy (Social Work)

2004: Winner - Christina Taylor (Business)

Christina, a Service Scholar, served on the Service Scholar Executive Board and participates in numerous group volunteer projects. She is also a team leader for the Emergency Care Help Organization and Project Friendship. Through these two projects, Christina works with homeless families and provides FCAT tutoring for children in Quincy.

NOMINEES: Kalli Meisler (Arts & Sciences); Christina Taylor (Business); Dayan Ariza (Communication & Information); Jessica Paulk (Communication & Information); Kalynn Jacques (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Jennifer Lostumbo (Education); Jaime Wright (Engineering); Jeremy Henry (Fine Arts); Sheri Nilles (Fine Arts); Sharica Brookins (Human Sciences); Eyad Zahra (Motion Picture Arts); Olivia Swedberg (Music); Darlene Joseph (Nursing); Laura Chilcutt (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Sherie Corbett (Social Work)

2003: Winner - Mehran Heravi (Human Sciences)*

Mehran founded Community Medical Outreach, a service student group formed to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students interested in medical careers to assist medically under-served communities in Florida. The goal of CMO is to encourage a caring attitude among its members while developing an understanding in them of the needs of communities they may not have had previous experiences with.

NOMINEES: Alexis Gonzalez (Arts & Sciences); Melanie Shoemaker (Business); Catherine Sutton (Communication & Information); Nyama Williams (Communication & Information); Szor-Danner Jones (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Laquita Clayton (Education); Diane Ahrens (Fine Arts); Mehran Heravi (Human Sciences); Danielle Procelli (Music); Gretchen DeYoung (Nursing); E. Alan Brock (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Mary Yeomans (Social Work)

*Mehran Heravi received the National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service (1 of 5) sponsored by Campus Compact. Mehran was the third FSU student to receive this award.

2002: Winner - Andre' Campbell (Business)

Andre’ was responsible for the organization and implementation of the Teen G.A.M.E.S. (Growing and Maximizing Every Skill) program at the Ebony Gardens apartments in Frenchtown, Tallahassee. The program was already in existence under the Disk Village organization and took one year of planning and preparation with help from Florida State’s Center for Civic Education and Service. Under Andre’s guidance, Florida State students volunteer twice a week at the program, a total of four hours a week to each student at the program. The program has a total of ten students ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade. Today, Andre’ serves as the sole Team Leader for the project.

In addition to Teen G.A.M.E.S., Andre’ co-founded and was the President of Disciples Christian Organization. He has been a site leader for Bowl Service 2001 and an Alternative Break Corps weekend trip, sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement and Service. Andre’ also participated in Boggy Creek, a camp for children with severe mental health issues. He was also a team leader for the outreach project Johnson-Brinson for two years.

NOMINEES: Jacinda Legons (Arts & Sciences); Andre’ Campbell (Business); Stacey Lindblom (Communication & Information); Florence M. Kizza (Communication & Information); Rochelle Allen (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Erik Hines (Education); Katrina Zachem-Deberry (Human Sciences); Kristen S. Harrier (Music); Luara N. Proctor (Nursing); Lachell Burgess (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Joyce Goulart (Social Work)

2001: Winner - Monique King (Human Sciences)

Monique has given service in aid to the homeless by participating in the “Sleep out for the Homeless” and the Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon. She has participated in the March of Dimes Walk America 2000 and has worked to eliminate prejudice and injustice through her involvement with voter registration and the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade. Her efforts toward resolution of family and community conflict include volunteering with the Refuge House and “Downtown Get Down”. She developed a community-wide “baby shower” geared toward pregnant and parenting teens.

NOMINEES: Joshua Tyler (Arts & Sciences); Greg Pierce (Business); Andrea Lombardo (Communication & Information); Gina Minks (Communication & Information); Amy Cass (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Kristy Coon (Fine Arts); Katie Jones (Fine Arts); Erin Roberts (Fine Arts); Monique King (Human Sciences); Bridget Kellogg (Social Sciences & Public Policy); April Lupo (Social Work)

2000: Winner - Diane Standeart (Social Work)

Diane served as the President of the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She took a very active role in the university’s commitment to construct a Habitat house for a local family. In addition, Diane helped to make the concept of an FSU Challenge House a reality. Under Diane’s leadership, Habitat has completed the first challenge home and is at work on a second. In addition to her commitment to Habitat for Humanity, Diane also remained active with the FSU Circus and Phi Theta Kappa.

NOMINEES: Rebecca Landfield (Business); Reginald Lucien (Communication & Information); Brent Chicken (Criminology & Criminal Justice); Leigh Hutchinson (Education); Lorenzo Amato (Human Sciences); Emery McGowan (Music); Patricia Keith-Minasian (Nursing); Todd Crannell (Social Sciences & Public Policy); Deborah Forrester; Kelly Powers (Social Work); Diane Standeart (Socal Work); Linda Bond

*Richard Vidal (winner of the Florida College Student of the Year Award, sponsored by Florida Leader magazine) was nominated on behalf of Florida State University by Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte for the 2000 National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service, sponsored by Campus Compact –he was an award finalist. It is unclear if Diane Standeart was also nominated, given her recognition as the 2000 President’s Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year.

1999: Winner - Meredith Polansky (Medicine)*

“Meredith Polansky is perhaps best known for designing The Shelter’s turtle mural. But she has also developed materials for Spanish-speaking guests and spearheaded the agency’s recent Souper Bowl campaign. … She plans to spend the summer with a medical team in Jamaica, and hopes to eventually become a Peace Corp doctor. … She was also touched by the people she met during seven months of sutdy and travel throughout the South Pacific.” - Tallahassee Democrat (Karen Olson, March 1, 1999)

NOMINEES: Vida Perlow Anthony (Education); Brad Couden (Business); Kelly Dugger (Social Work); Patricia Keith-Minasian (Nursing); Diane Lijek; Meredith Polansky (Medicine); Dana Sigman; Nancy A. Stein (Criminology & Criminal Justice)

*Meredith Polansky was a finalist for the National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service sponsored by Campus Compact.

1998: Winner - Dan McCabe (Business)

“Daniel McCabe travels 130 miles round-trip to Madison County every Friday afternoon to work with at-risk children at the Johnson-Brinson Project... Dan has been serving the community through the FSU Alternative Break Corps for the past three years... His newest venture in community improvement resides at the local level: he is working with University Housing to create a new programming position that will facilitate increased interaction between residence halls [including a ‘Residence Hall Service Day’].” - Ceremony Remarks, 1998

NOMINEES: Shelileah Ramsey (Engineering); Julie Novak (Music); Rachel Blumberg (Social Work); Nyssa Mestas (Public Policy & Social Sciences); Amber Polvere (Arts & Sciences); Rebecca Shleman (Human Sciences)

1997: Winner - Dineen Andrews (Social Work)*

“Dineen Andrews, a senior in Social Work from Tallahassee, was given the ‘President’s Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year Award’ for serving underprivileged residents of the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Big Bend, and designing strategic plans to aid in the agency’s operation. Promoted to agency relations coordinator, she now oversees two local Kids Café programs, a national effort for children of low-income families. She instituted a nutrition education program for single mothers of children who attend the Kids Café.” - State (FSU Magazine) 04/14/1997-05/04/1997

NOMINEES: Dineen Andrews (Social Work); Michelle Baker (Education); Suzanne Caldwell; Nina Colvin (Human Sciences); Robert Clifford Johnson; Houng “Cindy” Le; Rebecca Mercer (Communication & Information); Pamela Morris; Meredith Polansky (Medicine); Amy St. John (International Programs); Rebecca Sweat; Heather Wolfe

*Dineen Andrews was a finalist for the National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service sponsored by Campus Compact.

1996: Winner - Jennifer Lane*

“Jennifer has been engaged in community service activities during her entire four years at FSU. She volunteered once a week for two years through the Amistades program, working with migrant farmworkers in Gadsen County. She founded an organization for young students interested in track and field. She played an active leadership role in her scholarship house, promoting the value of service and organizing events. She has also shared her organizing expertise with her peers, presenting workshops at national community service conferences” (Lena Juarez, Director of Florida’s Office of Campus Volunteers). Jennifer also worked as an intern for Florida’s Office of Campus Volunteers and as a project coordinator and grant writer for the Campus Alliance for Literacy program.

NOMINEES: Jennifer Lane; Faye E. Hunt (Social Work); Camile Irving; Joshua Hall (Arts & Sciences); Kimi Faulcon; Guadalupe Rodgers (Social Work)

*Jennifer Lane was a finalist for the National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service sponsored by Campus Compact.

1995: Winner - Lisa Earnest (Medicine)*

“Earnest, a senior pre-medical student, has been involved as a volunteer in organizing, supporting, and delivering medical services to the homeless, to migrant farm workers and their families, to ‘at risk’ school children, and to women and children in the Refuge House, a center for battered women.” - State (University Magazine) March 1995

NOMINEES: records missing

*Lisa Earnest received the National Howard R. Swearer Award for Humanitarian Service (1 of 5) sponsored by Campus Compact. Lisa was the second FSU student to receive this award.

1994: Winner - Darwin Ang (Arts & Sciences)

“Since 1992, Ang has organized and led a literacy effort for children and adults at Bond Community Center. In high school he volunteered in nursing homes and hospitals.”

NOMINEES: records missing

1991: Winner - Triston Sanders (Communication & Information)

Triston Sanders won the Humanitarian of the Year award in 1991.

1990: Winner - Amy L. Arnold (Communication & Information)

“Maximizing the opportunities presented to her as Student Body Vice President, Ms. Arnold worked to institutionalize the mentoring program that she had helped begin. The program, now called Big Brothers/Big Sisters of FSU and formally associated with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tallahassee program, has served several hundred area school children in need of adult companionship and has involved an equal number of Florida State students as volunteer mentors. … Ms. Arnold has been central to success of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of FSU program and has been a loyal volunteer in other programs. She is a talented, hard-working, caring person who deserves recognition for these valuable contributions.” - Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Jon C. Dalton (1990)

NOMINEES: Brian K. Alexander; Judith M. Hammen, Bevins Elizabeth Reardon; Jay E. Tyson; Marjorie Gayle Chodorov; Mark I. Duedall; Thomas L. Griffin; Claudia Hope Gross; Amy Lynn Hahnert; Lisa Morrison; John F. Pierce; Artis C. Street.

1989: Winner - Kelly (Kellee) Roche (Social Work)

“Ms. Roche is a senior majoring in social work. She is a guardian ad litem, a volunteer appointed to represent the best interests of a child who is the subject of judicial proceedings, and is a part-time outreach specialist at Someplace Else, a Tallahassee shelter for homeless and troubled children. She has made numerous presentations about the plight of these children, has organized fund-raising functions for Someplace Else, and has encouraged fraternities and sororities to sponsor activities for the shelter’s residents.” - University Media Relations, April 1989

NOMINEES: Ronald Lewis; Jeff Harris; Shannon Osborn; Joe Harrison; John Hurley; Patty McCormick; Michelle Kurtz

1988: Winner - Dinh Nguyen (Applied Studies)*

“Dihn Nguyen helped establish an organization called ‘People Loving People.’ A native of Vietnam, he helps fellow Vietnamese and other community members who are adjusting to a new society and culture. He offers citizenship class, tutoring, and provides resources for immediate survival for those Vietnamese starting new lives in the Florida panhandle.” - Education Commission of the States, May 1988

NOMINEES: Anne P. Francis (Social Work); Sandi Kowalski (Arts & Sciences); Michelle Mercilliott (Arts & Sciences); Thomas A. Pennavaria (Arts & Sciences); Kellee C. Roche (Education); Franklin McCallum (Career Center); Steven Sekac (Nursing); Robin Evans (Zeta Tau Alpha); Nancy M. Culp (Delta Zeta); Jean A. Debedout (International Programs); Cyndi Wagner (Kappa Delta); P. Paige Janowski (peer nomination); Shannon Williams (Pi Beta Phi); Tracy Weaver (Music); Margaret Lee (Distinguished Lecture Series); Vincent Cautero (Men's Basketball); Jacqueline G. Smith; Lori Ellis (Education); Katherine L. Tate (Human Sciences); Dinh Nguyen (Panama City/Applied Studies)

*Dinh Nguyen won the National Swearer Student Humanitarian Achievement Award (1 of 5), sponsored by Campus Compact (the first FSU student to receive this award) and was one of two collegiate finalists for the Jefferson Award’s “Greatest Public Service Performed by an Individual 35 years or Under."

1987: Winner - Josephine Mendoza

Josephine Mendoza won the National Student Humanitarian Achievements Award via Campus Compact in 1987.

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