Service Leadership Seminar

Service Leadership Seminar 2018 cohort

Since 2002 when the Service Leadership Seminar was founded, almost 1,000 students have found it to be a place where friendship and meaningful service leader education come together to create an unforgettable experience. The week before fall move-in, SLS will invite 49 applicants to join that community. 

Students looking to an SLS facilitator for instruction on the activity.
SLS student participants engaging in an activity.
SLS student participants supporting each other through an obstacle course exercise.

What to Expect

Over the first four days of the seminar participants will explore general service, environmental & animal/non-human service, domestic human service, and international (locally-based) human service. On each day, campus presentations and workshops will be incorporated to assist with predicting and connecting on-campus experiences with community engagement. On the fifth day participants will make meaning of their time with the seminar by presenting out how they plan to further develop their service leadership passions.

Your Role

As you apply to be a participant, it is important you understand what being a participant means. For participation in the Service Leadership Seminar to be rewarding, it requires commitment and dedication. In addition to daily service and reflection, you will also be required to challenge preconceived notions about the way in which we engage in and perform service. SLS refers to its attendees as participants, in recognition of their role in co-creating a meaningful seminar. Participants must participate. We also acknowledge that SLS is one method of moving in to campus early, but participants who have used this as their primary motivation for involvement in the past have not had as fulfilling experiences as those who wanted to learn about how to grow their service leadership identity, capacity, and efficacy.

Hear what Service Leadership Seminar is all about by watching this video:

What’s Included

What's Included SLS participants will receive all seminar materials, including three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Monday-Thursday and two meals on Friday (breakfast, lunch) during the seminar, free of charge.** All provided meals will be vegetarian, additional dietary restrictions will be accommodated as able. 


The Service Leadership Seminar application is currently closed.

Facilitate SLS

SLS Student Facilitators help lead and empower student participants to create positive sustainable change. Student facilitators will participate in asynchronous training during summer 2021 to further their understanding of what it means to facilitate meaning-making for new students leading up to an in-person weekend facilitator retreat (August 13-14). Then, during the week of SLS (August 16-20), student facilitators will work in pairs to lead in-person small groups (seven student participants) and build relationships among participants.

Facilitator applications are now open. Apply by May 18th, 2021 at 10:00 am.
NOTE: No prior participation with SLS is required to apply.


Coordinate SLS

SLS Student Coordinators are crucial in planning the seminar, creating a positive and meaningful experience for participants, and assisting in evaluating the program after the week has ended. Student coordinators work as a team to create the positive mood for the week, execute many of the week’s logistics, as well as represent the center and its programs.

Applications are currently closed.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Service Leadership Seminar, email

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