Service Scholars Curriculum

The Service Scholar Program is truly indicative of its name we encourage students to critically engage in service through academic study and experiential learning, with the intention that our students will be scholars of service in both practice and understanding. Therefore, this program is far more than a financial means and requires great commitment and dedication.

Each Service Scholar participates in a four-year curriculum which includes curricular (coursework) and co-curricular (outside-of-classroom) learning experiences. 

Large tree photo with title 'Service Scholar Program Curriculum Overview'. Textbox at tree roots with text 'Class: Scholarship & Service, enroll in a 1-credit course in the spring, research focused on selected local service issue, service: 75 hours'. Second textbox higher on tree roots with text 'Class: Relationship to Community, enroll in a 1-credit course in the fall, reading focused on service identity, service: 45 hours'. Blue circle textbox next to textbox reads 'Year 1: Explore'. Third textbox located higher at tree trunk with text 'Class: Service Learning, enroll in a 0-credit course in the fall and spring, readings focused on social change wheel, critiques of service, mechanics of nonprofits, advocacy and activism, social change proposal, service: 75 hours per semester.' Purple circle textbox next to text reads 'Year 2: engage'. Fourth textbox higher in tree branches with text 'Internship, invest at least 60 hours of service in one agency each semester, monthly cohort gatherings in fall and bi-weekly gathering in spring, spring poster presentation on internship experience, service: 75 hours per semester'. Red circle textbox next to text reads 'Year 3: commit'. Fifth textbox at the top of tree branches with text 'mentor younger scholars through group projects and evening participation, monthly cohort gatherings, demonstrate leadership and service identity, identify and commit to a personal philosophy of service, service: 75 hours per semester'. Orange circle textbox next to text reads 'Year 4: commence'. Bottom of graphic text 'Evenings: monthly dinner dialogues on Sundays from 5:00pm to 7:30pm'. 'Scholar family: scholar peer mentor assigned the first year, center staff advisor, group service events.' 'Reflection: journal sustained through all four years, connected personal and professional interest in service'. 'Celebration: fall orientation, poster presentations in the spring.'

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