Service Learning

Service learning is experiential education that combines classroom instruction with organized service to the community, emphasizing civic engagement, reflection and application of learning. Service learning includes academic preparation, service that meets an identified community need and structured reflection. A service-learning experience can enhance learning and development, encourage civic responsibility, foster community-based scholarship, provide a forum for leadership development and address social issues.

Presentations and Orientation

The Service-Learning Orientation is designed for courses where students go into the community to serve. It is our hope that this conversation will reduce the misunderstandings and mutual confusion that sometimes occurs in a service-learning situation. We also offer a brief service-learning presentation which introduces the topic of service-learning and some basic information about being a guest in another community. Either of these offerings can be presented during regularly scheduled class time as a supplement to the class conversation about and introduction to the service-learning component.

Service Learning Orientation
Time Required: 45 minutes
The Service-Learning Orientation is designed for any student going out into the community to serve as part of a class. Topics covered include how to be a considerate service-learning citizen, nonprofit realities, common tensions between students and their agencies, and quality reflection. We hope this conversation will reduce the misunderstandings and mutual confusion that sometimes occurs in a service-learning situation, and therefore contribute to a better experience for everyone involved.

Service Learning Presentation
Time Required: 15 - 20 minutes
This Service Learning presentation is designed for academic service-learning courses. During this session, the presenter will introduce the participants to service-learning, the center, potential options for service-learning to be completed (to be determined in consultation with the faculty member), and the ServScript Program.

Faculty Resources

 The "Service Learning Information for Faculty" packet provides information about structuring service learning and connecting with community agencies. Service-learning staff are also able to meet with faculty to provide suggestions and resources for service learning. The supporting documents may also be useful for service-learning instructors.

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