Qualifying Service

The ServScript Program would like to provide some guidelines and examples which types of service qualifies and does not qualify for the program. If the type of service you performed is not on this list, please send any questions you may have about whether it qualifies to ServScript@admin.fsu.edu for clarification.


  • Contributes to the solution of an identified community need
  • Unpaid
  • Not Court or University ordered, mandated, or sanctioned
  • Serving in K through 12 schools (public or charter)
  • Service to hospitals, or nursing homes
  • On-campus service conducted for the benefit of the University
  • If your club, church, or civic organization conducts service for non-religious humanitarian purposes that meets the needs of others in the community (such as serving food to the hungry)
  • Non-partisan voter registration drives
  • Participating in advocacy work for a societal issue
  • Religious instruction for a community educational interfaith purpose or the teaching about religion (no proselytizing component)
  • Operation and coordination of a donation drive
  • Campus Organizations Service planning meetings
  • Directing, creating films/documentaries, if the subject is about a community need
  • Fundraising for a nonprofit agency/service organization involved in addressing/meeting a community need
  • Laboratory Work/Student Research if focused on a community need
  • Donating blood
  • Training for immediate application for service

Does not qualify

  • Received financial or material payment for the service
  • Service to an individual's own family and within family
  • Service for a profit-making organization except for institutions like hospitals, or nursing homes
  • Observations/Shadowing in a classroom, hospital, etc.
  • Service performed as a result of a disciplinary action taken by the school or court system
  • Purpose of promoting a preferred religious or political viewpoint or person
  • Religious devotion or any activity which can be interpreted as proselytizing
  • Service for the benefit of a religious house of worship and/or its congregation (Example: child care during church service, running AV equipment, Acolyte, altar server, lay reader, Vacation Bible School, clerical work for religious organizations, Sunday School teacher, etc.)
  • Religious instruction concerning the practice of religion
  • Any political campaign or event that promotes a specific candidate, or political party
  • Donations (including Locks of Love, food, clothing items, money, etc.)
  • Travel to and from the service location unless specifically part of the service or involved reflection
  • Holding an Executive Board position within a Fraternity/Sorority, Recognized Student Organization, FSU Committee/Council (SGA, Honors, etc.)
  • FSU Organizations General Meetings
  • Score keeping for FSU sporting event
  • FSU Teacher’s Assistant/Office Hours
  • Awards/Appreciation Banquets
  • Attendance to National Conference Meetings
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