Job and Internship Opportunities

The center offers many opportunities for student internships and employment, including federal work study positions and graduate internships, each year. Opportunities are varied in types of work, including program-specific internships, receptionist and administrative duties, logistics and technology, and marketing and media.

Part-time and Federal Work Study Positions

All work study positions are listed under AFWS Fall 2023 in the university's online FWS portal.

A|FVN Communications & Marketing Assistant

Job Opening ID:  53966
Assist the AmeriCorps | Florida VISTA Network Program Manager and VISTA Leader in supporting over 40 anti-poverty initiatives across the state of Florida! Activities include creating social media content, marketing and outreach, and assisting with the creation of content and materials for monthly professional development webinars.


CLSC Front Desk Staff

Job Opening ID: 53935
Greets visitors arriving to the center's offices, answers phone and redirects calls to appropriate staff members, and assists program coordinators, marketing team, and graduate assistants on projects and tasks as needed.


CLSC Media Assistant

Job Opening ID: 53968
CLSC media assistants work as part of a team of students who promote the center's programs and events. Students usually specialize in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, photography, videography, writing and editing, in-person outreach, social media and web design. In addition to work study positions, there are limited openings for students who have not been awarded work study.


Community Ambassador Program Assistant

Job Opening ID: 53965
Community Ambassador Program Assistants serve as liaisons between the center and a local non-profit agency for at least 8 hours per week, including helping to recruit and schedule volunteers at various community partner sites. The position is also includes bi-weekly professional development.


Moellership Program Assistant

Job Opening ID: 53974
The Moellership program assistant supports summer of service fellowship recruitment, programming featuring the work of summer 2022 fellows, and pre-departure sustainable service education for the 2023 cohort.


PeaceJam Staff Positions


  • CLSC PeaceJam Mentor / Coach
    Job Opening ID: 53971
    Work with K-12 students on service projects and educate them about PeaceJam Nobel Laureates. Serve as mentors and small group facilitators for attendees at events hosted by PeaceJam Southeast.
  • CLSC PeaceJam Admin Staff
    Job Opening ID: 53963
    Hold a variety of responsibilities to ensure the success of the PeaceJam Southeast Affiliate. Work 10 hours per week at the Center for Leadership & Social Change.
  • CLSC PeaceJam Public Relations & Media Assistant
    Job Opening ID: 53970
    Promote PeaceJam Southeast's programs and events via PR and marketing efforts, including live event coverage.

Front Desk Admin-RISE Office

Job Opening ID: 53900
Front Desk Student Assistants are responsible for performing a wide variety of important tasks for the Rise Office, assisting with the daily operations and upkeep of the office, both on the front lines and behind the scenes.


ServScript Support Staff

Job Opening ID: 53981
The ServScript Student Coordinator will assist with the daily management of the FSU ServScript Program including responding to student questions via email, helping to maintain the database of service agencies and tasks, and assisting with trainings and outreach to promote the ServScript Program across campus.


Graduate Internships

The Center for Leadership & Social Change is accepting applications for interns. The many programs and experiences that we provide for undergraduate students require the thoughts and efforts of many people to make them successful, which is why we are seeking the assistance of current graduate students who are able to contribute about 10 hours a week to help support the following programs. Each program described below offers specific internship experiences that provide a variety of learning outcomes, experiences, and competencies. Please contact the specified staff member to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Florida State Alternative Breaks

Florida State Alternative Breaks (FSAB) facilitates accessible service immersion experiences for students to create sustainable change in partnership with local national, and international community organizations and their constituents. Members of the graduate intern team play a critical role in program development by advising undergraduate student coordinators, facilitating trainings for the undergraduate team, working collaboratively to build partnerships with local communities, and co-leading their own alternative break trip during winter break or MLK weekend. Duration: August to April; 5 hours per week during the fall semester and 10 hours per week in the spring.


LeaderShape at Florida State University hosts concurrent sessions of the Institute which challenges participants to lead with integrity while working towards a vision grounded in their deepest values. In the fall semester we recruit a graduate intern to join the planning team to assist with various logistical needs and also work with the two undergraduate student coordinators, focused on their leadership development process. Duration: Selected in Fall, one semester, December-May.

Leadership LOGIC

Leadership LOGIC is a two-day overnight leadership development program in partnership with Campus Recreation, specifically catering to FSU students who have not participated in a leadership development program before. LOGIC occurs three times throughout the entire year at the FSU Reservation and has undergraduate facilitators for the program who develop the curriculum for each weekend. While we do not select an intern every year for the program, there are opportunities to engage in facilitator training, work with the undergraduate student coordinator team, and assist with various logistics of the program. Duration (if offered): Selected in Spring or Fall, one year, August-April.

RISE Office intern opportunities

The RISE Office offers support and tailored student experiences centered on learning, equity, belonging, development, and identity.
We invite graduate students in the Higher Education master's program to expand their experiences and knowledge of student organizations, inclusivity, event planning, curriculum development, and marketing with volunteer opportunities.

This is a volunteer experience with RISE for an average of 5-10 hours per week, many occurring outside of business hours, for two consecutive semesters. Graduate students may opt to attend additional events to participate in and learn more about the work done by RISE and the Division of Student Affairs. Based on the experience the graduate student is hoping to gain, all ten ACPA/NASPA Competency areas will be explored, and knowledge and skills developed. Additional involvement and course-credit opportunities may be available.

Positions Available

RISE Volunteer Co-Advisor: this position is a high student contact opportunity providing experiences in leadership development, multicultural competence, conflict resolution, financial literacy and stewardship, student development, and event planning.

Position Overview:

  • Volunteer Co-Advisors are asked to commit to serving in their role for the entire academic year. They will co-advise the organizations they are working with in a volunteer capacity with support from the appropriate staff.
  • Grads will attend weekly executive board meetings (Sundays and evenings), have one-on-one and two-on-one meetings with student leaders and attend select events of the student organization.
  • Grads will attend one-on-one meetings with their Staff Co-Advisor and semesterly meetings with the RISE Director.

RISE Special Projects Coordinator: this position will support the work of the Office of Representation, Inclusion, & Student Equity and will assist with special projects related to trainings/workshops, the agencies, and cultural celebrations. While this position will focus more on curriculum development, facilitation, planning and marketing, some student interaction will be required.

Position Overview:

  • Special Projects Coordinators are asked to commit to serving in their role for the entire academic year. They will plan, develop, and implement special projects in a volunteer capacity with support from the appropriate staff.
  • Grads will attend one-on-one meetings with their Staff Co-Advisor and semesterly meetings with the RISE Director.
  • Grads will attend committee meetings for the cultural celebrations they are assigned to help plan.
  • Grads will plan, develop, and facilitate trainings and workshops related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Agencies: Supporting one of the seven identity-based student unions (AASU, BSU, HLSU, JSU, Pride, VSU, WSU) that focus on advocating, programming, empowering, and creating community on campus through regular, signature, and annual events. Meetings are mostly on Sundays and evenings; programs are often in the evenings.
  • Allies & Safe Zones: This role will gain experience with program management and LGBTQIA+ resources, facilitating 100 and 200 level workshops, curriculum development and enhancement and gain exposure to the RISE Team’s model of advising and student development and connect with FSU students, faculty, and staff, and local organizations to foster allyship through dialogue-based, community learning.
  • Black Student Union (BSU) House: This role will focus on developing programs and events specifically related to the BSU House. Additionally, this role will provide experience with managing the day-to-day operations of an on-campus cultural center.
  • Cultural Celebrations: This role provides the opportunity to learn about programming and development, inter-departmental partnerships, and faculty/staff cross-collaborations.
  • Cultural Celebrations occur at various points throughout the academic year. Examples of cultural celebrations include the following: ESTONKO Welcome Mixer, LatinX Cultural Celebration, V-rak-ke-ce-tv Cultural Graduation, and MLK Week of Celebration.
  • Multicultural Leadership Summit (MLS): MLS was designed to offer an educational space for students at FSU to explore issues pertaining to diversity, social justice, and other related topics. This role provides the opportunity to work with a team to assistant with the organization and preparation for MLS. Interns are also encouraged to take a lead in planning or leading an aspect of the process. The MLS planning committee works throughout the fall semester to advertise, solicit participation, develop curricula, and troubleshoot areas that may present challenges.  


Service Leadership Seminar

Service Leadership Seminar is a weeklong experience for incoming first-year students at Florida State. It is an annual event held the week before the fall semester begins where students learn about leadership, service, and identity in the context of individual, group, and community opportunities. Each year, we elect a graduate intern to work with the SLS undergraduate student coordinator team, develop the assessment plan/measure, and assist with week of facilitator training, as well as the seminar. Duration: Selected in Spring, intern May through September.

ServScript Program

The FSU ServScript Program provides students with a platform to document their service to the community on their academic transcript. This university-wide system for collecting information about student engagement provides valuable data for faculty and staff. The graduate intern in this role will serve as member of the ServScript Committee; promote the ServScript Program to departments, organizations, and courses; participate in the audit of ServScript data; and develop reports to capture the breadth and depth of data collected. Duration: one semester, available in Spring, Summer, or Fall. 

Women's Leadership Institute (WLI)

The Women's Leadership Institute is a three-day leadership learning institute for 49 undergraduate women to enhance leader identity and capacity. It is an annual event held every Fall semester and assists participants in learning strategies for understanding our socialization as women and exploring their leadership development through Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. The graduate intern serves on the planning committee and has the opportunity to work on assessment projects and develop programming for the entire WLI community. Duration: one semester or one year, selected in spring, flexible on length and time.