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Think about how you want employers, graduate schools, and/or professional schools to view your service.


A supervisor is a third-party individual who witnessed you performing the service activity. This individual must be able to verify the number of hours you completed with the agency.

Supervisors must be able to do the following:

  • Verify the number of service hours recorded
  • Witness the volunteer complete service activities
  • Hours may NOT be doubled for an incentive
  • Reachable up to one month after the deadline in order to verify service
  • The supervisor is NOT the person you tutored
  • Third-party individual
  • Serving as your own supervisor is prohibited
  • Supervisors doesn’t need to be a superior. Your peer can serve as your “supervisor.”

Recognized Student Organizations

  • Do not combine all the hours at multiple agencies into one entry, separate each service experience by the agency served in each experience
  • When serving with a student group, think about who your service benefited (the benefactor). Think about what agencies your student group partnered with in order to identify the community need. That local agency would be the agency for ServScript, not the student organization.
  • Serving as your own supervisor is prohibited. If you are the President of your organization and you completed service, another member of your executive board may serve as the supervisor as long as they satisfy the qualifications for being a supervisor (see above).
  • The agency is the organization who is the benefactor of your service. The organization has identified a community need and it is their mission to alleviate and resolve the community need.
  • You may not offer incentives in order to participate in the ServScript Program such as doubling of hours, donating items=hours, etc.. You may not offer to double hours that will be recorded into the ServScript Program. The ServScript Program requires that the actual time (as defined by what the clock reads) is recorded. Therefore, quantifying the number of items donated by time is not acceptable either. Donating items doesn’t qualify, but organizing a donation drive, sorting items, and distributing donations qualifies because you can quantify the amount of time you spent engaged in the activities by the clock.

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